The question, “do indigo children hate atheists“, is getting a surprising number of searches leading people to my blog. In order to satisfy the people who are searching for this term, I wanted to write a short post.

Indigo children are a varied bunch, so – at least for this question – I don’t think there can be a definitive answer for all of them.

What I CAN say is that I, an indigo adult, was an atheist for many years of my life. If I hated anyone, it would have been the spiritual types (who nowadays include me among them).

Indigo children can be prone to anger, but usually it’s justified anger. For instance, they hate being oppressed by coercive parenting and education styles and hate having to defer to imposed authority. I consider that to be very justified.

If they were to hate atheists, I guess it would be because those atheists were imposing themselves somehow on them or belittling them somehow.

Alas, I don’t know the backgrounds of the people who are asking this question, but I’m guessing that they might be atheist parents of non-compliant indigo children. In this case, I recommend: don’t push your beliefs onto your indigo child, and don’t belittle them or express scorn towards their beliefs. Let them teach you how to be tolerant and accepting of all beliefs. Who knows, they might even one day open your mind to a different way of seeing things.

I hope this helped.