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November 25, 2017

Feeling Divinity

I had a vision of what one might call Divinity. I’ve never felt very comfortable with the word God. It’s too associated with religion, and with absurd and horrible interpretations of what divinity could be. I’ve tried out different alternatives to this word, including the popular “The Universe”, but recently I settled on “Divinity”. I like “Divinity” because it is an uncountable noun, where “God” is a countable noun. If God can be counted, if […]
November 4, 2017

More Tips For Dealing With Suicidal Feelings

The usual disclaimer: if you think your life is in danger, get help. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. That said, I’ve been having some suicidal feelings recently and have taken the opportunity to work with them. I knew I was safe while doing this, firstly because the feelings were not as strong as they have been, and secondly even in my most intensely suicidal moments I’ve had the clarity that I […]
September 29, 2017

What A Relationship Is

A relationship is not an object, it is an experience. It cannot be held, gained or lost, just as you cannot hold a song. A song begins when it begins, and ends when it ends. It is valuable, but has no substance. It is made of moments. Related The Journey Of The Great Heart Warriors
August 17, 2017

I Experienced Enlightenment For An Hour On MDMA

About eight months ago, I took the drug MDMA and entered the state of enlightenment for one hour. It has taken me this long but I finally feel ready to write about it. Predictable fears come up. Some might think that I’m terribly arrogant or crazy to say that I’ve been enlightened, others might even more scarily not think that and look to me for spiritual guidance. There is danger for both student and teacher […]