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stubborn soul cover imageAfter about two years (of work as well as a lot of delaying factors) I’ve finally released my first book, Stubborn Soul. It’s up for sale on Amazon as both a print book and an ebook, and you can also buy the ebook a bit cheaper through Payhip. For more details on how to buy, see the subheading “Where To Get Stubborn Soul” below. Otherwise, read on to see what I have to say about the book…

About Stubborn Soul

Stubborn Soul is, first of all, an autobiography. It deals with the first eighteen years of my life.

It is not, however, really a “trans autobiography”. I may be trans myself, but I wasn’t aware of it when I was younger and it didn’t affect my life in many obvious ways, so I don’t have much to write about that part.  I think it probably affected me immensely in subtle ways, but you’ll have to read between the lines for that.

Stubborn Soul is most of all a book about dealing with parental abuse, dealing with Crohn’s disease, and being very isolated because of self-esteem issues. It’s about how I slowly came to terms with my need for other people. It details my attempt to understand why I was suffering, and my intense search for meaning. It’s about struggling to survive.

In the book I show how I slowly graduated from feeling constantly awful, to being vaguely aware that there was a problem in my life, to actively searching for an answer. It details all of the horrible false leads I took, including my awful foray into the Seduction Community.

It also just showcases my particularly unusual character, including my indigo child traits (instinctual rebellion against authority, intense idealism, a sense of alienation from society), my extroversion, my sensitivity, my occasionally radical sense of humour, and my bravery. Eventually it deals with me discovering (in a painful and messy way) a sense of spirituality, so back out now if you can’t stomach such concepts.

Stubborn Soul details different ways I searched for answers, and some ways I succeeded in finding them. Most of all it talks about the search for an answer itself, and I believe that it could be inspiring for people who are on the same path in some way.

It’s an intensely honest, raw, and vulnerable view of… a person. Perhaps not everyone could identify with my many intersecting problems and identities, but I suspect that most could get a sense of my raw humanity through the book. At least, that’s what I’m hoping for.

The Blurb

In case you were wondering, here is my slightly more hype-y back cover blurb:


A search for meaning. A childhood mired in pain.

A sensitive soul. An impassioned idealist. A born anarchist. An indigo child.

A repressed transgender girl.

Sophia had never been very emotionally functional, but when she had to move to Spain at age thirteen without knowing the language, she started losing touch more and more. She fought to find answers to her problems, and in doing so dug herself deeper into the pit of dysfunction, even as she struggled with life threatening Crohn’s disease.

This autobiography paints a picture of a unique, intense and troubled person, searching for… what was she searching for? All she knew was, she was searching. And stubborn as she was, she would never give up until she found it.

Free Preview

If your interest is piqued but you’re still not sure if you want to buy, you’re welcome to check out my free preview. It contains the first three chapters of Stubborn Soul, or 1/3 of the book. I prefer longer previews like this than the very short ones Amazon usually offers.

PDF preview of Stubborn Soul (the correct format for reading on your computer screen)

EPUB preview of Stubborn Soul (the correct format for most ereaders)

MOBI preview of Stubborn Soul (the correct format for Kindle ereaders)

Where To Get Stubborn Soul

Have you decided you want to buy my book already? Oh, awesome!

You can buy a physical copy of the book through Amazon here. You can buy the Kindle edition on Amazon here, though it’s a bit cheaper – and more money goes to me – if you buy through Payhip.

Payhip is the one to go for if you want the book in the formats .epub (for every ebook reader apart from Kindle) or .pdf (for reading on your computer screen). When you pay, you get both plus Kindle format.

As for physical copies, you can get a cheaper one (10€ instead of 12.84€) from me personally if you happen to be in Berlin. In particular, you can come to my release party on the 18th of February, 7:30PM in Another Country, Riemannstr. 7. Here’s the Facebook event. I’ll sign copies, talk about my book and read some parts aloud.

Please Review Me On Amazon!

One last thing: you’d do me a massive favour if you could review me on Amazon after reading the book. As I understand it, books with more reviews are more likely to come up on Amazon search results, giving more people the chance to find my book. They also, of course, serve their intended purpose of helping people decide whether the book is worth reading. You don’t need to have bought it through Amazon to be able to review it there.

I actually don’t mind if you give me a negative review. Negative reviews will still improve my search results, and I don’t feel happy encouraging people to present biased information anyway. If you have critique of my book you’re welcome to write to me, of course. Note that if you do, I will only be able to read it through if it’s phrased kindly, as I’m very sensitive. Positive feedback is even more welcome, of course.

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