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September 19, 2009
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October 8, 2009

Blue Energy

I’m perplexed. Reading the stats for my site I’ve encountered a stange anomaly. For months now a search term which has brought people to my site has been “blue energy”. And this month, “blue energy” has been the BIGGEST search term to bring people to my site, a whopping 15%… 5% more than the barely-relevant “andrew gubb”.

This is very interesting because I have never specifically written about blue energy. I like using the word “energy” a lot, this is true. But blue energy? I don’t think I’ve ever written that phrase here. I can’t remember the last time there was something blue I really wanted to talk about either. Blueness didn’t seem like a life-or-death matter.

If you have any idea why this is happening please tell me… until then, I’ve decided I’m going to take up the challenge and write about blue energy.

Blue energy

In preparation for this article I went to find some blue energy at
one of my favourite blogsites (I found it serendipitously just today, but I still maintain that it is one of my favourites). This is what my research brought up (click for best results):

“Blue – connect to your inner calm.
This is where you will find quiet and peace…”

Blue is the colour of calm and coolness. It’s also the colour of vastness and freedom, and because of these connotations, it’s also considered a relatively “masculine” colour, meaning that the guys who beat you up at school for wearing pink won’t beat you up for wearing blue. (Please don’t go to school. It’s a very bad habit).

In the energy body, blue corresponds to the 5th or throat chakra, which rules over communication. Combined with the 6th chakra, also known as the third eye, it can help you connect with the spirit world.

Finally, being of a relatively high vibrational frequency, blue is considered to be quite a “spiritual” colour. That doesn’t mean it’s better or more necessary than any other colour, but it does mean that the earth, on the whole stuck at the level of the lower chakras, is in the process of evolving towards it.

Blue energy in my life

According to two psychics I’ve talked to, Anna and Erin, I have a specialisation in the fifth chakra, making me a communicator. I have a literal need to make my ideas heard, and have actually gone crazy by trying to repress this part of myself. Funny to see me writing a blog, then 🙂 I usually wear blue when I can*. It seems to communicate who I am: a very calm person, who loves freedom and vastness and spirituality. I’d love to give you some of this blue energy through my writing on this site. In turn, I’m looking for red in my life. For the last two years I’ve been working on getting my feet on the ground, connecting with my body, learning to connect with the joys of physical life, and getting my finances in order. As I’m obsessed with my spirituality at first I didn’t want to, but my spirit guides finally got through to me with enough repetition. It’s a challenge to meditate when you don’t have a roof over your head.

*I lost a lot of clothes moving around and I’m broke so I wear what I can get. Donations accepted? 😉


Imagine you are on a grassy mountainside overlooking the sea. The sky is vivid and open overhead, and the sea is flawless. You feel so surrounded by vastness you could practically fall upwards into the infinite depth of the blue blue sky.

You start running, the slope lending power to your strides. You run and jump, skipping over bumps and flying round obstacles. You feel totally light and free. You roll, just for the hell of it, and smell the dewy grass brush against your face. Grape hyacinths are everywhere. You lie there and go to sleep under the bright blue sky, feeling your spirit soar.

If you need more information, try this expert in blue energy 🙂

(I love this guy. The artist makes his videos under the name Vinnie Veritas. I think of him as the sort of person I’d be if I really dedicated myself to visual art. More of his stuff can be found

Really ADVANCED students in blue energy should check out the book Johnathan Livingstone Seagull by Richard Bach 🙂 🙂 🙂

Blue children

My friend Christian is big on the “indigo children” theory and introduced me to it. If you didn’t know, indigoes are people at a certain level of spiritual development. They’ve learnt to trust their inner guidance over all others, and have good intuition and a lot of energy, making them extremely intolerant of false authorities. I think this is why the concept was introduced more than anything else in reference to children – Indigoes are known to be unruly in class, and they’re often misdiagnosed with “Obedience Deficiency Disorder” (ADD) and are drugged. They’re actually unruly because they are intuitive and independent enough to know that school is evil. I’m an indigo 🙂

If you’re reading this site and getting value out of it, the chances are you are either blue or indigo. Indigoes are still quite rare in society though they are getting commoner. People at the blue level, though, aren’t so few and far between. Blue is the level of intellectualism and reason. Because they are training their fifth chakra, they exchange ideas with great energy. This is the level when people start to begin to be interested in true spirituality, and are often “seekers” (indigoes have already found their inner guide and don’t “seek” in the same way or for as long). The challenges of the blues include mental masturbation – they think too much, and need to learn where the mind slips up in its ability to reach the truth. They are also still subject to a large extent to the “matrix” of society which creates conformity through fear of exclusion and so on. Seeing as they haven’t yet got the third eye power to see through social masks easily, they might give up their energy to a false guru or a false social structure. It’s the indigoes’ place to help the blues out by uncovering these lies with their characteristic energy. They used to get burnt at the stake a lot 🙂 In turn with their intellectual gifts the blues help build social structures which grease the workings of society for the less mature souls.

By the way, I know I’m blowing my own trumpet a bit by saying I’m indigo… but I actually don’t think it’s so amazing. I remember Christian told me he’d started up a forum for indigo adults to meet up and found that everyone who appeared was really just a spiritual enthusiast who’d deluded themself into thinking they were indigo. I pointed out that these guys were being really unambitious. If you want to delude yourself, the sky’s the limit! Try being a crystal child – those who are basically born enlightened. Jesus is said to have been one of these. Hell, why not delude yourself that you are Jesus?

Indigoes aren’t flawless. They’re just relatively mature souls who originated from more developed planets (there are no indigoes originating from Earth. The oldest Earth souls are mature blues). They can be dark too. Wikipedia describes the goal of indigo children

“…to be a remaking of the world into one lacking war, trash and processed food, though if blocked from their goal they may end up murdering others or being institutionalized.”

I’ve come quite close to both 🙂

I’m not really sure about this theory though. I know pidgeonholing people is dangerous, and I don’t think this theory can really describe the totality of a person. Everyone is different. I have a lot of qualities of blue children in me, making me perhaps a transitioning or young indigo. I’m also not too sure that the path to enlightenment is really quite so linear as 1-2-3-goal. Eckhart Tolle, by his own account, appears to have been a blue child before he jumped to crystal. I don’t know. I also notice that Indigo has tended to become part of my and Christian’s egoes, creating a potential separation with others. So I prefer to keep the theory at arm’s length and stay undecided on what I think.

Don’t get blue… but it’s the end of the post

This was fun 🙂 What colour is your energy? If you write a blog post about yours I’ll link to it!



Check out my review of Johnathan Livingstone Seagull, the greatest book ever written on – or rather, permeated with – blue energy.

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  1. rina says:

    hey..nice post..hmm..i dont know what energy i am either but ill try to live out my soul’s purpose..btw i read that book:jonathan livingstone seagull aunt had the book and i took it and read it years ago..maybe about 5/6years ago..didnt know what it meant then though.but i think i read the condense version cuz the book was only about 30 pages or so long..:) 21 now btw..nice post..loved it..releases all the pressure i had about being you..hugs 🙂

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