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I'm here, as i am

This is type of thing that a hate to do. But is it necessary.

Normally they call me Shophia Gubb, a prefer sophie.

You really love freedom I see! Well, to answer your question directly — hard.

And that’s just supposing it managed to work politically, which it certainly wouldn’t — as in… getting the USA’s government to agree to wage a devastating, possibly nuclear war against its longstanding allies over something which has never been an issue to fight over before.

I’m concerned here though, as my experience has been that most people here in Europe are happy to pay a little extra tax so that they can help look after the vulnerable people in society.

Are you worried that people won’t work hard if they aren’t trying to protect themselves from dying of treatable diseases? Because the European economies are doing just fine; in fact Switzerland, Ireland and Norway, with socialised healthcare, are richer per capita than the USA (see here; note USA is number 12: GDP per Capita - Worldometer )

I’m also worried that this solution your proposing to a lack of freedom might actually feel like a lack of freedom to Europeans. Isn’t being controlled via violence or the threat of violence the exact opposite of freedom? I’m just really wondering how you understand the concept of freedom here, feel free to explain more.

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