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March 17, 2011
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April 10, 2011

You Are Responsible For What You Don’t Do

Some would say that there are three ways of interacting with other people, interacting with the world.

You can interact with others from a place of giving. You can try to help others whenever possible. Your life can be about giving.

On the other hand, you can be an *sshole. Your idea of living life is to try and make things as unpleasant for other people as possible.

Finally, as some would say, there is a third option. You can do nothing.

You can neither actively work to help others, or actively work to harm them.

But I don’t think there are three options. I think there are just two.

Number three is an illusion. If you do nothing, really you are doing a milder version of option #2. That is, you are working towards the harm of others.

It’s not possible to do “nothing” in life. Even when you are so called “doing nothing”, you are probably thinking and breathing. We are always sending energy out into the world. We are always doing something.

If you are neither trying to help others nor harm others, you are trying to harm others. Because indifference really means a subtle rejection of the thing you’re indifferent about.

Think of a person who is dying of hunger. You have more food than you need, but you say “Not my problem” and let them die. This example is exaggerated, and it’s meant to be because that way you can see the point I’m making. But it’s not a long shot from what many – most – people do every day.

“It’s not my problem that there are injustices in the world”

“It’s not my problem that people die of hunger”

“It’s not my problem that people live on the streets”…

If you don’t work to solve these problems in the way that best makes use of your efforts, you’re not “doing nothing”. You’re contributing to them staying in place.

Remember I said it’s impossible to do nothing. We’re always sending energy out into the world. We are always changing, moving. You have to use energy just to stay in the same place. Why are you spending your energy on keeping things the same? If keeping things the same means keeping suffering the same, then you’re responsible for that suffering.

Get moving. Stillness is an illusion. Change is inevitable, so make it positive.

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  1. Excellent – I totally agree with you. So many people just sit back and wait for someone else to help. If we would all make an effort to help others it would be a much nicer world to live in.

  2. Janelle says:

    I like that you share we are always sending energy out to the world, even when we aren’t conscious of it. We are always “giving,” the question is what are we giving? Some people think they are giving only when they choose to – their fifty dollar donation to the food shelter once a year, for example. But, they are always, always giving. It’s important to know our own vibes that we send out to the world.

  3. Ajay says:

    its gr8 to learn yes we are responsible for all the happening in the word

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