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March 8, 2009
Things That No-One Ever Talks About Because They Think They Only Happen to Them
March 16, 2009

Why is the Sky Blue?

I think I read at least three scientific accounts of why this is the case. I never understood them, really, though. Something about light scattering or whatever.

Finally I worked it out, though. It’s because air is blue. It’s like glass: you look through the thin side and it’s clear; you look from the top of the pane to the bottom – through a much greater thickness of glass – and it has a colour. The sky is blue because you are looking through a lot of air. You can actually see the blueness of the air if you’re out in the mountains. Near mountains will appear less blue-ish than far mountains.

Why is the grass green? Because of chlorophyll? But if you define chlorophyll as “a green pigment” then that’s like saying “grass is green because it’s green.” I’d like to put forth the explanation that grass is green, esoterically speaking, because colour expresses vitality. Grass goes dull brown when it dies or is sick.

Of course the “scientific” explanations are true too. But they’re no fun, if you need to know an entire university course to appreciate them. Understanding should be simple.


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