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June 28, 2011
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July 27, 2011

Where Has Your Wisdom Taken You?

Where has your wisdom taken you?

It’s easy to state a phrase or an idea that seems wise. You may have heard it from a good source. But is it working, for you? Is there meaning in it, for you?

Cause sometimes we pick up a set of words and mistake them for the truth. Sometimes we think a sentence is the truth. Not true. It’s only ever a pointer to the truth.

If you don’t digest that sentence properly… if you don’t truly understand the deeper truth to which it points, you are left with only words. Hollow words that clutter your head and lead you astray rather than closer to your goal.

Truth is a very personal thing. Words can be shared. Truth can’t really be. We can share the words to point to the truth. But the truth can only be found individually, by each person. If each person doesn’t make that effort they become cluttered. They go astray.

Are you cluttered? Do you really understand the precepts you live by? Maybe you were wise enough to choose whose precepts to follow. You started redesigning your belief system by finding clearer words to believe in.

But did you go beyond the words? Did you make their truth yours? What’s really in the words you keep in your head?

Next time you disagree with someone ask if you disagree with their truth, or their words. Next time you agree with someone do the same.

When you need to evaluate your own wisdom, ask if you have a truth, or have words. Where has the precept really taken you? Has it made things seem clearer, or more befuddled? Has it helped action, or kept you in your head? Has the action it’s inspired been helpful to you?

I definitely would recommend evaluating your wisdom. I think in the end you end up with less words and more free-flowing, living truth, which allows for spontaneous action and never says “never” or “always”.

(There’s a logical fallacy in the last sentence, but if you get stuck on it I’d say you’re at the level of words and not truth).

Where has your wisdom taken you? What does it really mean? Are you words a help, or a burden? Are they clutter, or do they have meaning? Find out.

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