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March 15, 2012
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What Is Love?

I was having an interesting, if rather intellectual, conversation a couple of days ago with three friends of mine. We talked about various concepts related to personal growth and spirituality. One of the questions we brought up was, “What Is Love?

I said, “If a person has never seen the colour blue, it’s impossible for you to describe it. You can only point to something that’s blue, and say, ‘This is blue’. In the same way, love is something that you can’t really describe; you can only experience it.”

One esoteric text I read said that Love is what holds atoms together and causes the planets to spin in their orbits. It’s the very will to existence itself, the bonds that turn chaos into meaning.

Whether or not this is true, it’s certainly worth thinking about. Human atoms can form molecules and bond with other molecules and become an even greater being. There’s an invisible glue there, something that turns us into something bigger than ourselves.

Love is something like an energy and can be experienced as a feeling. It can flow out of you, from the region of your heart chakra, and connect with other things in your reality. Where it goes, it nourishes and heals, like sunlight.

Love is an understanding. It is the understanding that you are more than yourself; that others are a part of you.

Love can’t be described; but it can be indicated by the lack of other things.

Love is a lack of rejection or judgement. Love flows forth when true unconditional acceptance happens.

Love is a lack of pain. It flows forth when blockages are released. These blockages cover up our understanding. When they’re released, we understand others as parts of ourselves.

Love flows forth when there’s a lack of poison in the mind and soul, and the eye is clear, opening up to every sight and experience that is placed before it.

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  1. Alice says:

    Andrew, these are beautiful ways to describe love – and I couldn’t agree more: It’s not really possible to grasp love intellectually, you have to experience it.

  2. Andrew Gubb says:

    Thanks Alice! 🙂

  3. Peter says:

    When I feel love it’s similar to feeling a spiritual connection, like when I’m tuning in to spirit. I don’t think you can describe that either, you just have to feel and experience it. 🙂

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