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July 24, 2013
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July 30, 2013

Video Games As An Outlet For Transgender Feelings

Once upon a time, I got an inexplicable pleasure from picking female characters to play in video games. At the time I had no idea why, but it just felt *right*. I tended to hide it or make excuses about it if someone else found out.

Yesterday, I picked up my first video game in more than two years. (This length of time is relevant cause I didn’t live as Sophia two years ago). The game: Pok√©mon Black.

At the beginning of the game, it asks you the familiar question: “Are you a boy or a girl?”

In a rush of excitement I selected “girl”. Hooray, I can be a girl!!

Then I remembered that I always am a girl these days!



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  1. Albalida says:

    I’m always happy to see that option, ever since I got this subtle impression that “video games are for boys only”. It could simply be a way of cashing in on the wider demographic, and to be sure it’s still intensely binary, but it’s something.

    Lara Croft, Seamus, McGee’s “Alice”… I actually like that they weren’t made “for” girl gamers, but as characters that any player would be expected to relate to. They have an engaging journey and a story to tell, and just so happened to be female. Persona 3 seems to have an interesting journey with this: the main character was male in the first release, and then a re-release had one of the supporting female characters take over as player-avatar in an epilogue chapter of the main story, and then another re-release designed a female main character as an option of who to play in the main story. The story was so emotionally engaging that I’m sure many hardcore fans played both, just to be sure of knowing the game inside-out-and-alternatively.

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