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January 21, 2010
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January 31, 2010


I spent the day writing for my food site, The Spiritual Vegan. I think the new posts are interesting fo the readers of Lightworkers’ Connection, so I thought I’d present them, and The Spiritual Vegan*, here.

*As of 18 April 2010 I’ve stopped writing recipes to focus on this blog. My old work is still up though.

The Spiritual Vegan states in its “about” page:

I’m a vegan and a primary purpose of this site is to help people learn about veganism and how they can become vegan. One of the biggest blocks many people have to becoming vegan is learning to cook satisfying meals without meat or animal products. It is definitely possible, and through this site I’ll show you how I do it. I also make special meat and animal product substitutes for people who need that emotional fix that those foods give them that are cheaper, tastier and healthier than what you buy in the shops.

Here are the new articles I finished today:

The benefits of the vegan diet is a run down of why someone would want to go vegan in the first place. Check it out if you’re curious about my lifestyle choice. Don’t worry, I’m not a big evangelist, I respect your right to choose what you do with yourself.

How to go vegan is about, well, how to go vegan. I describe how you can change your diet (with the help of vegan recipe blogs such as this one 🙂

Problems with the vegan diet? talks about the more technical issues of going vegan, such as protein, amino acids, iron, calcium and vitamin B12.

To your health and to your heart!



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