August 2, 2012
More Transgender Facebook Updates
August 16, 2012

Various Facebook Updates

I have been enjoying Facebook as a medium for doing little mini-blogs recently. I thought that I’d make a compilation of some of them and post them here.

The subject matter is various. I’m going to make another post soon which will compile updates about my adventures in transsexuality, as there are a lot of those and they deserve their own post.


What do you guys think about Tantra?

I’ve always felt a connection to the idea or ideal of Tantra, and a disconnection from what I’ve experienced as the reality of it. I admit I haven’t seen much, but if there were a teacher in Barcelona who I felt drawn to intuitively I definitely would have jumped at the opportunity. As it is, I haven’t felt drawn to any or have only done one class before leaving.

The teachers I’ve seen were exclusively men. I think that tells you something in itself. I think most of them at some level were doing it as a way of getting into women’s pants. Maybe some more consciously than others there. Use some mystic hocus pocus and sex is suddenly not sex, it’s spiritual! Except I think we shouldn’t part from the basis that sex isn’t spiritual in the first place and I don’t think we should be using spirituality as a way of “excusing” it. And, I think men using spirituality as a way of “excusing” it so that women will sleep with them are just damn creepy.I also read one book that espouses the Tantra philosophy: “The Way of the Superior Man”. (A good book for me, I know). I don’t really vibe with the whole holding back on ejaculation thing, it’s never worked for me as a male-bodied person and what I’ve seen in people who practise it is that they become very obsessive about this rule that ejaculation is bad but end up in a battle with themselves, like compulsive eaters.For me Tantra in its ideal or quintessential form is about exploring yourself as a spiritual being using love and sexual energies as media. It’s about learning to maximise sexual and romantic bliss by understanding the integral spiritual component in those things. It’s about consciously undertaking romance and sexuality, facing them directly and not running from them, and deliberately making them a harmonious part of your life within a larger context of personal growth.

Where can I find someone who talks about this?

Money Is Important

I’m getting more and more annoyed at phrases like “money doesn’t make you happy” or “money is not important”. You know? Sometimes it DOES make you happy. Sometimes it IS important. I don’t want to listen to those people who make money a bad or an insignificant thing. It’s very significant and I think it’s a good thing in and of itself, so long as we treat the matter right.Of course money isn’t everything but people like me never needed convincing of that. Sometimes people like me need to wake up and realise that money is REALLY important, and that it can mean the difference between struggling every day of your life and being empowered to do what you came here to do.

I can’t see anything more spiritual than that.

Loving While Keeping Your Distance

You can treat everyone with kindness. And that’s something that can be called love. But you can’t love everyone in the way you’d love a close friend or a romantic partner. If you get too close or vulnerable with the wrong person, they’ll hurt you – of course. That doesn’t mean you have to be unkind to them, it just means you need to keep some distance and keep your defenses up around them. Forgiveness doesn’t mean getting close to these people, it just means releasing emnity towards them and seeing them for what they are. Letting them be what they are without needing them to change.

Gay Rights Is Making Progress

It looks like gay rights is making some serious progress, at least in the USA. I think they’ll get what they’re pushing for politically and they’ll get more acceptance socially, which I think is more important. I look forward to the day when it’s as unacceptable socially to say “that’s so gay” as to make a racial slur.I’m actually really excited to see how the world in 60 or 80 years when I die.¬†And excited to be in some way part of this. This is all connected; if we can accept LGBT rights we can raise consciousness about other things. An inclusive nation is a bit more awake, a bit less mired in apathy. This way, down this path of inter-reinforcing changes, we can save the world. We really can. It’s not a foregone conclusion but I think it’s also not such an unbelieveable one either.

I Am An Artist

I’m an artist and my life is the canvass.I paint caring, passion and radical self truth, and then with my message I give that to the world.I take the raw materials of my life and shape them into coherence. From unconscious assumptions and pain I create freely chosen beliefs and harmony.

Where channels were shut down that seperate me from the larger picture, I paint connections that show that I’m a part of what lies beyond my assumed boundaries. My art joins the art of thousands of others and becomes a joint project. There is no line where one contribution ends and another begins.

And so the colours of my soul filter outwards, spread, and mingle.


Image hacked together from various sources. I hope my blatant copyright infringement doesn’t annoy anyone, it’s for a good cause X)

Bonobos live only in the Congo and are at risk of extinction. I personally think they are the most intelligent and advanced creatures other than humans out there, and sometimes they seem more advanced than humans. I think they hold secrets

which can help us understand our true essence as spiritual animals and as part of nature.The local cultures have a taboo about eating them (unsurprisingly: they look closer to hairy black men than to other apes or monkeys, have alert, aware eyes, and are demonstrably at least as intelligent as human toddlers, even able to learn to understand and respond to basic speech). But, starvation due to civil unrest has driven locals to break that taboo and hunt bonobos. They are classified as endangered (facing a high risk of extinction in the wild).This makes me think that a charity should be set up here to make food available for starving populations in the Congo. It would kill two birds with one stone…….. so to speak (the metaphor sounds rather inappropriate for conservation, but nevermind). Humans would be saved, bonobos would be saved. I’m sure that with enough food to eat, the locals could be convinced to remember their taboos and leave the bonobos alone.

Cause if we let the last ones disappear… they’ll be gone, and all they can teach us will be gone. And it would be such a pointless, wasteful loss.

Share if you feel inspired to do so, and if anyone has any idea about this or knows of existing efforts, you can get in contact through

(Here is a link to the original post if you want to share this on Facebook)


I love my friends so much. There’s no abyss to fall into, I’m held here by threads of loving light.

Woke Up Feeling Good

I woke up feeling so good and like everything was going to work out.

Then I started thinking about my problems again and lost that great euphoria feeling.

Maybe I need more faith.

Fear Of Death

Realised today that I fear some things a lot more than I fear death.I’ve faced threats to my economic and sentimental situations recently and those things frightened me.Death though? I don’t seek it but I would welcome it if it came. It holds no great mystery to me, no sense of threat, because I feel my essence as a spirit so clearly. Somehow, being dead would come more naturally to me than b

eing on this physical plane. Less effort. Less annoying limitation. Gravity, pssh.When I investigated my other fears, I realised that I didn’t know exactly what the outcomes I feared would entail. I just assumed instinctually somehow they would be too harsh to bear, would somehow break me. Looking closer, it’s clear that nothing is so bad. There’s nothing you can’t deal with when the moment to deal with it comes, though you can’t deal with anything that exists only in an imagined future.Most people think death is that one impossible-to-cope-with thing. I know it’s not. Perhaps I should face up to my other weaknesses with the same bravery that I once used to face up to death.


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