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December 29, 2011
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January 2, 2012

Using A Lucid Dream For Personal Exploration

I had a cool lucid dream this morning, or midday, somewhere in between 11:00 after my morning class and 2 PM. (Note: a lucid dream is when you realise you’re in a dream while you’re dreaming, and gain some control over what happens there).

It was “quite lucid” – meaning I had quite a lot of control over the dream. I looked at my hands to anchor myself in lucidity and was pleased to notice that my fingers weren’t varying wildly in length as I looked at them. (This always seems to happen when I look at my hands in dreams, but I think it happens more when my mental landscape is less peaceful).

I conjured up a mirror and looked at myself. Unlike a year or so ago, looking in the mirror didn’t reflect back a horrifyingly twisted and disgusting low self-image. I saw myself pretty much as I am: handsome and an altogether OK human being.

Interestingly my self-image hadn’t caught up to a recent change I’ve made: I still had my stubble even though in real life I’d started shaving it clean a couple of days ago. So I had to enact a magic shaving ritual and in a few seconds had my face looking like it is in real life.

I then started to use the dream for experiments. I tried on various dresses of different designs to see how I felt in them. A cool way to use a lucid dream, as this experiment (especially with such nice prom-type dresses as these) would have been quite expensive and/or hard to arrange in real life.

Unfortunately I got to about the third one and I was already starting to wake up. The neighbours were making noise and, even though I managed to keep some awareness in the dream world for a while, the “definition” went down and I could no longer make out enough detail to really enjoy playing with the clothes. Eventually I just let myself wake up fully.

By the way my friend Tiago made a cool guest post about channelling just yesterday so if you haven’t seen it yet check it out 🙂

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