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Tree Planting Charities

I just got wind of this charity. Am I a crybaby for sobbing slightly as I watched this?

For those in a hurry, Trees For The Future has so far planted 50 million trees in many different countries. By planting trees they do an incredible amount of good, for both the environment and the people who lived there (but were the two supposed to be separate?)

Planting a single tree takes 50 tons of CO2 out of the atomosphere each year. Besides that it provides the environment required for lots of other life, and helps the land nearby stay fertile and not turn into desert as is happening in many deforested parts of the world. Finally, of course, fruit-bearing trees provide easy, healthy food, year after year. This is great wherever it is, and in poor areas it could be vital.

It inspires me so much to think about projects like these; it makes me impatient to get into such efforts myself. It’s so good, though, to have a reminder of what’s inspiring to me, to keep my sights on my goals. For now, I’m donating 5$ – not much but it’s what flows comfortably and joyfully from me in this moment – and I invite you to do the same if it feels comfortable and joyful.

You can find their site here: Plant Trees

The donation button is at the top of the page.

The Man Who Planted Trees

On a similar note, and in a rather bizarre co-incidence, I just finished reading a book, “The Man Who Planted Trees”, two days ago.

It’s the second most read book in its native France and has been translated into at least 13 languages. It’s about a guy who changed his part of the world by planting trees where trees were needed.

I particularly love this quote:

“When you remembered that all this had sprung from the hands and the soul of this one man, without technical resources, you understand that men could be as effectual as God in other realms than that of destruction.”

It’s so inspiring to hear about these things – exactly this, the power of humanity to create something wonderful and not just destroy.

I’d really recommend you to get this book.

You can find it on Amazon here:

The Man Who Planted Trees

(Buying through this link will earn me a little comission, though it’s not why I’m putting it here).

Finally, I wanted to add that while this account was fictional, something very similar has happened in real life:

Indian Man Single-Handedly Plants A 1360 Acre Forest

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