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July 8, 2010
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July 25, 2010

Translation of Como Las Flores by Shimshai

I wanted to make an english translation of possibly my favourite song in the world, “Como Las Flores” by Shimshai, sometimes mistakenly called “Como Las Flores Creciendo”.

There’s a lot of spiritual meaning to “Como Las Flores”, which is hosted on Ayahuasca-Wasi, a site for songs for use in the Ayahuasca ritual. I could have just tweeted the song (and have), but I think you need to know the lyrics to fully appreciate it.

Listen to the song on Ayahuasca-Wasi: Como Las Flores by Shimshai

And now the words:

Como Las Flores por Shimshai – Spanish

Me llevó aquí el viento esta mañana

no sabía por qué, ni me importaba saber

Y en la manera en que yo aprendo, yo enseño

y por mis ojos, ya puedo ver


Así es la verdad, no hay nada que hacer

sino seguir viviendo, de la esencia de tu ser.

Y cuando llegas al final, al final de qué, no sé

allá te encontrarás al principio otra vez.


Así es la vida que viene y se va, como las flores creciendo

nos lleva para donde debemos estar, como el río fluyendo

con cada regalo me encuentro lleno de agradecimiento

y rezo por que siga siendo así.


Cuando miras al centro de tu ser, dime lo que puedes ver

soltando de lo que fuiste ayer, déjalo ser

Con la corriente de río, todos somos una gota del mar

todos somos una gota de la gran existencia fluyendo hacia el mar.


Y el misterio de la creación

yace en el fondo de tu corazón

y allí encuentras la curación

y así cumplimos nuestra misión. (bis)


De ser humano, ser vivo

sea lo que sea y aprendemos lo que es existir

Ser humano, ser vivo

sea lo que sea por lo menos que estemos aquí

observando la vida que viene y se va…

Like the Flowers by Shimshai – English

The wind carried me here this morning

I didn’t know why, and I didn’t care to know

And in the way I learn, I teach

and with my own eyes, I can see


Such is the truth, there’s nothing to do

but keep on living, from the essence of your being.

And when you get to the end, the end of what, I don’t know

There you will find yourself at the beginning again.


Such is life, it comes and goes, like the flowers growing

it takes us where we need to be, like the river flowing

with every gift I find myself full of gratitude

and I pray that things stay this way.


When you look at the centre of your soul, tell me what you can see

letting go of what you were yesterday, let it be.

With the current of the river, we are all a drop of the sea

we are all a drop of the great Existence, flowing towards the sea.


And the mystery of creation

springs from the depth of your heart

and that’s where you find the cure

and that’s how we complete our mission. (bis)


Of being human, being alive

whatever it is, and we learn what it is to exist

Being human, being alive

whatever it is at least we’re here

watching life as it comes and goes…

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  3. Connie says:

    Hi Sophia,
    Enjoyed your translation of Shimshai’s song. His CD’s seldom have lyrics & definitely not translations – lovely.

    Glad to have the opportunity to tell how grateful I am for your posting re: how to tell if you’re an indigo! Had always felt that was a younger generation thing (I’m 63) but every statement fit me and helped me understand myself better. Thank You.

    Ironically, have been studying the Law of Attraction for years and presently in a book group reading & discussing Ask & It Is Given. LOVED the Restaurant Ordering analogy – made it all so simple.

    Just wanted to take this opportunity to say Hi! and Thank You for being you.
    Love & Blessings.

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