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Transgender Indigo Children And Adults

The transgender flag naturally ocurring through pink and purple wisteriaI was just talking to someone about the phenomenon of transgender indigo children and adults. From my experience, very roughly 5% of indigo people are transgendered, e.g. born male but are female inside, or the other way around. This is a much larger proportion than compared to society at large.

Why is this the case?

There are four reasons that I can think of.

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Evolving Towards Gender Integration

Reason one has to do with how spirits evolve.

Indigos are “old souls”, usually having lived through many incarnations.

Over many lifetimes we tend to live as both male and female to evolve our soul, and become more and more able to integrate these aspects in a single lifetime.

I think being transgender helps an advanced soul learn to further integrate and express its male and female sides. In my case, being born as male helped me learn a lot about traits which men are more encouraged to have, such as confidence, initiative, bravery, the occasional crudeness, and unabashed strength and competence.  All of these things I maintain in my female persona nowdays, which I think makes me very balanced as a woman. I wish all people could have this unique experience of living as two genders in one lifetime; you grow and learn an unbelievable amount.

So I think being transgender helps your incarnation to reach a better level of integration of male and female. It also helps a soul advance in integration beyond just this lifetime. 

Waking Up Through Transgenderism

Reason two has to do with waking up.

As I mentioned in How To Tell If You Are Indigo, indigos very often go through very harsh experiences, usually when they are young. These can be anything from sickness to accidents to disabilities to near death experiences.

I’ve thought that some of the pain we go through can just be ascribed to our sensitivity and our difficulty adapting to a world that isn’t nearly as loving as us. But then again, I don’t think this is enough to explain such a frequency of such powerful and diverse traumatic experiences among indigo children and adults.

I think the main reason we go through such experiences is that they catalyze us to wake up spiritually. In many cases the choice really is: wake up or die. In other cases, the suffering forces us to re-examine our priorities, to learn more perspective, to learn compassion and a greater understanding for those who suffer, and to grow closer to God/Infinity.

Transgenderism is one such awakening experience. I’ve seen how it awakens non-indigos as well as indigos.

It forces us to break down the scripts we’ve learnt from society. To examine ourselves, to learn to be our own therapist. To confront intolerance. To redesign our concepts of gender. And through it all, transgenderism leaves us incredibly strong people.

I know I’m thankful for being trans. It helped create me as the person I am today. I am sure my Higher Self chose this for my life path in this incarnation, and that it was for a reason.

I think the case of other indigos is similar. We’re here to do big things, and that means we need to wake up fast and thoroughly.

Self Awareness

Reason three has to do with the simple fact that indigos tend to be self-aware.

I’m not the first person to notice the overlap between groups: polyamory, veganism, BDSM, Esperanto, indigo children and adults, and transgender people.

These seemingly completely different subjects have one thing in common: self awareness. Members of each of these groups tend to be self aware to a more than average extent. Transgenderism, in particular, can wake people up to being more self aware, but often when the impulse is weaker it also needs self awareness to be identified and expressed.

In this latter case, only those who are truly dedicated to being who they are will end up letting the world know that they are trans. Indigo people, with their non-conformity and inclination towards personal development, are prime candidates for this.

Past Lives And Transgenderism

Those were the three main reasons indigo children and adults are often transgender. Almost as an afterthought, I’d like to mention another reason that occurred to me as I was writing this article.

It’s often theorised that transgenderism has to do with past lives. Perhaps, some say, a trans woman was also woman in a past life and “remembers” that in her present life.

The trouble with this theory is that most of the time we ALL switch between genders as we go through different incarnations. So why aren’t we all trans?

Well, I think perhaps in the case of trans people the “boundary” between lives might have become a bit weaker than with normal people, and more of the previous life has crossed over. This would seem to fit with how many indigo children and adults have past life memories.

In my case, however – if my intuition is correct – my last life was not female. I think at least the last three of my most recent past lives were male. On the other hand, I do think that my soul in general is closer to female than male, and that in total I may have had more female past lives. Perhaps, at this stage in my soul evolution, my incarnation is getting closer to what my soul is. My deeper self shines through, including my femininity.


So that’s my speculation as to why indigo children and adults are more likely to be transgender. If you have any of your own ideas or experiences, feel free to add them in the comments.

2316530206_449de8130d_oNote: Counselling

I now offer counselling on a donations basis for indigo children and adults. I find that I can help indigos a lot with the very unique life challenges which they go through. I can help you find solutions in the realms of relationships, work, purpose, spirituality, health, and more. For more information, check out my counselling page: Indigo Child / Adult Counselling



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  1. kazerniel says:

    Good article! 🙂

    “polyamory, veganism, BDSM, Esperanto, indigo children and adults, and transgender people.”
    Uh creepily true for me: polyamory check, vegan check, indigo check (I guess), trans check…

    Also the past lives: this occoured to me too when I tried to rationalise why I feel rather masculine and not at all feminine in the inside before I realised I was trans.

  2. Brii says:

    Thank you for your article.I am first wave Indigo and was raised to be a typical western male ie tough and unemotional.This was very much in conflict with my loving inner self which society teaches us is a female trait.
    Since my awakening I have come to suppose that my life long desire to be female is rooted in my past lives and also is the evolutionary integration of the masculine and feminine on our journey back to source..Boy oh boy higher self sure sets up some rough lessons.It feels like bizarro world “down” here with the duality,stereotypes,prejudice and violence towards multi-gendered folk.Oh well..onward and upward:)

  3. Hi! I couldn’t have written this better myself. I always knew there was something different about me. I am an Indigo (at minimum if nothing more-LOL) FTM adult. I have not only had THIS challenge which believe me I told my parents when I was14 and have been speaking my mind up since then to doctors and others. Right now I am in the process of having my first IVF and couldn’t care less what people think. I KNOW I was a male in my past life. (long story) but I died in 1968 and reborn in 1969. With transsexual/transgenders we come back much sooner and choose to “keep/hold” on more things from the last persona. I know I was a woman as well but I was a male in the last three. Ian Stevenson (from UVA in charlotteville, VA) did an article when I was 17 about transexualism and how we were the sex we say we ARE. I obviously convinced my parents to go. I have always been “fiery” and determined. I have actually been dealing with another phenomena of Twin flame and this has been going on for 22 years and makes my transexualism years look like heaven so I don’t know what I was thinking planning all these challenges ( also dealt with abandonment issues from loosing three loves-I loved three females back to back-and im not one looking or wanting love then I met my TF who is a gay male) so I am now at that point (this year had been my worst emotionally) and its like all my “friends” disappeared (and its meant for me to be alone) so anyhow its made me wonder just WHY why did I plan the challenges of maybe whats average for 10 lifetimes? But anyways I totally agree with you. I will DEFINITELY be coming out after I have the baby. In fact I have already started. Its just something innate in me. Im tired of IGNORANCE. I’d rather die fighting my right to live then to not have lived.

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