I’m now starting to offer transgender counselling at a discount price (20€) so that I can gain practice.

I know it is really, really hard to be transgender. You can sometimes feel alone in a sea of people who don’t understand or accept you. What’s more, there is so much misinformation out there… or even just a lack of easily accessible information.  This is why support can be so important.

When I was working out my own identity, I had three sessions with a therapist which I found incredibly useful in resolving my fears and confusion. This is why I feel it is worthwhile to offer my own service here.

Perhaps for my own benefit, I should mention that I haven’t done any “official” training to become a counsellor and perhaps won’t be able to make my counselling sessions necessarily look professional and polished. Hopefully, though, you won’t need that to get value out of my sessions. I’m empathic, a good listener, and most of all, a transgender person who has gone through a long process of self-understanding and self-acceptance, and I think much of what I’ve gone through can be relevant to you too.

Session Structure

The session is loosely structured as a conversation, where I get you talking, hear you out, and give my perspectives and advice when appropriate.

A session usually lasts for about an hour, but I often let it go on for a bit longer if necessary. The idea is to come to a place of resolution, or at the very least, a good ending point. Occasionally, the session might be shorter than an hour if both of us decide that we’ve covered everything we need to. The price, in this case, is still the same.

Booking Form

If you’d like to order a session, just go to the booking form:


Booking Form