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April 10, 2009
April 14, 2009

Thoughts on the Idea of Success With Ease

I’ve been chewing over the idea of “the law of attraction” for a long while now. It has an esoteric slant – the idea that our thoughts affect reality itself – but in fact, many of the insights I’ve come to are applicable whatever you think about the nature of reality. There’s something very worthwhile in thinking over what your strategies are when it comes to getting what you want – which is after all one of the things that most dominates our lives.

The Seduction writer Pook wrote an article that stuck with me called, “Habit is all”. He makes an excellent point there. To get a good body, it’s not about any one action – it’s about the habit of exercising. To get money, it’s about the habit of looking for opportunities and going for them, etc. We fixate on actions when what is really needed is more like a state of being.

Why do we fixate on actions? I can tell you why I fixate on actions. I’m scared of success being easy. Because of that, I like to find some way of making life more stressful for me.

In the end, though, we either get what we want or we don’t. At no point is anything going to be THAT hard or THAT painful. Challenging tasks can be enjoyable for their challenge. I feel that the whole of life is capable of being enjoyed if we are in tune with our own true nature – that’s my faith.

In fact, if we stress over things, the chances are we’re going to REPEL what we want, because stress is a symptom of a focus on unnecessary things. So the “worry about something until I get what I want, then find something new to worry about” strategy doesn’t really work.

A better way of doing things would be to let go of the worry. Ok, really let go. No, let go. It’s okay, you can take your time (I’m certainly still learning this one). Then, simply move into the reality that you want. If there’s something to do now, do it. If there’s nothing to do now, wait peacefully. It’s not about what you do, it’s about being part of the reality you want to be part of.

If you want a great body, you start exercising. You don’t do it to achieve anything, you do it so that your reality reflects the your desired reality. If you want to be rich, you talk to rich people, you read books about money, you start acting on your desires.

Your reality doesn’t change instantly. Most of the work, I think, is seeing your reality change around you as you flow into the new one. You won’t know the exact details of the new reality you want immediately – so it is up to you to discover this as you go. You are exploring reality in search of your greater fulfilment. Enjoy the process!

It all comes down to this: you don’t effect change by stressing. It’s not a system where you buy something with “stress points” where your success is quantified by the amount you stressed over it. Everything you have in life is given to you for free. Existence was a gift. The talents which make you money were a gift. Even if humans pinch pennies, Providence gave them the copper for free.

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