Using Your Gift And Saving The World
March 6, 2011
You Are Responsible For What You Don’t Do
March 19, 2011

There’s A Better Way To Do Everything

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Nothing’s as hard as it seems. Everything can be solved by doing things differently.

Most people’s solutions to things are those solutions which are most approved by society – or the particular social group they are affiliated with. Other solutions are ignored or looked upon with suspicion. Their existence is not recognised, and the belief that they may exist is ridiculed.

But everything that has true value – everything – is outside the realms of the accepted and socially-approved. Everything. There is nothing worthwhile that hasn’t been somehow suppressed or ridiculed by modern society.

Modern society approves of things that will keep people dumb, keep people in their place, and most of all, will keep the flow of energy going from what we could call the “sheep” to what we could call “the wolves”.

It’s a state of affairs which has come about because of a lot of things, but most of all because people don’t have the courage to question things and do things differently.

Some of the responsibility is in the hands of those who are so unconscious that they choose to take their energy or sustainence it from other people. By creating structures, cages, making sure that things go their way.

Some of the responsibility is in the hands of those who have significant power but who are too fearful or unsure to know what to do with it. They usually go along with the flow of society, which means their actions turn destructive by default.

But most of this comes down to individual people – you or I – who haven’t been brave enough – yet – to break through the cage of fear and uncertainty.

If you know that what I’m saying is true, don’t wait about. Get moving. If you can improve the world somehow, do it. Waiting is probably just procrastination. Don’t you realise that you’re here to shine, not to waste away until you die?

Don’t you know there is more to life, that every single god damn thing can be done better, can be truer, can be realer?

Suffering won’t go away until you face it. Life won’t get better till you decide to make it better. But you can. So long as you know there must be a better way, and you set out to find it, you will. Seek and you will find. Put one step in front of the other and you’ll reach your destination.

Remember this always:

You. Are. Here. To. Shine.

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