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October 23, 2011
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November 7, 2011

The Vegan Label

It’s 1 AM in Spain, which means that in other time zones I’m technically not too late to celebrate world vegan day with this post about the vegan label I was saving up!

If you haven’t already, you can add me on Facebook, where I’ve been getting into the festive vegan spirit by sharing some cool eye opening links about my favourite lifestyle.

For now, let me present a short piece about the vegan label – well, about being vegan without labelling oneself as vegan. I title this work: “I’m Not A Vegan.”

I’m not a vegan. I follow a vegan diet and have values and principles that are vegan.

I don’t only eat plants. I just never feel like eating animals.

I never feel like animals because it doesn’t feel like my instinct. It’s not my natural impulse to eat stuff that I’d rather bury and put a grave on top of. I definitely don’t feel an urge to pounce on smaller animals like cats and dogs do. They love the feel of raw blood and gore in their mouths. I don’t. And it seems like a lie to change that by dressing up my food into something that doesn’t look like a dead animal.

Eating animals also doesn’t agree with my intellect, on any of the grounds of ethics, ecology, economics, personal health or humanitarianism.

I’m not a vegan; I’ve just learnt that I don’t need to eat animals or animal foods for any other reason than a taste preference (which I no longer have). I’ve proved this in my own experience and have learnt of people who have proved it with 70+ long healthy years. So it seems, at the very least, wasteful to eat animals.

I’m not a vegan; I just don’t agree with the way which money spent on meat goes towards supporting the most horrific treatment of animals imaginable. I’m not a vegan but I just can’t drink milk, knowing that it came from a mother whose children were slaughtered. I’m not a vegan, but I think that mother noticed her children were gone.

I’m not a vegan; I’m the same as you.

Maybe you feel the same way as I do about animal foods. Maybe you have lived ignoring that feeling. Maybe you’re not sure, but you’d like to know more.

Try not eating meat for thirty days, just to see how you feel.

Or try listening to that feeling of unease with eating meat more and more. Let yourself explore points of view that support that, media such as Eating Animals or Earthlings. Lots of people have proven that it’s safe not to eat animals. You don’t have to become vegan; but if you listen to that voice you might just give up all animal products including meat and dairy and think it the best thing you ever did.

You don’t have to become vegan. You can stay the same as you ever were, just stop wanting to eat animal products ever again.

You don’t need to become anyone else. You can just be you, and experience something different.

Kay? 🙂

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  1. matt says:

    im a vegan. i dont necessarily identify w/ it but i am that thng. all 4 the animals, dont care about my helth but its a bonus. i also h8 the world and the system 2. used to b hella spiritual but now its like jus pain and toil and suffrng and me realizing this reality sux. but, ther is sumthng weird goin on, hav noticd this my whole life. dont kno wut it is, but its not jus life or this gay physical realm. sumthng mor than evil agenda and conspiracy and govt… and sumthng i cant control so it is mor than me. truly, all i want is deth so wuteva that is can b maxd out and the rest of this hell can stay behind. dont wanna promote or glorify this life in any way anymor

    vegan peace

  2. Lille Skvat says:

    Yeah, you were absolutely right and I do know the feeling. We are talking about the same, just thinking about different labels.

  3. Isla Kay says:

    I was just going to do a vlog post on the same topic: relinquishing my vegan title. I don’t feel that one word can accurately define us all, nor does it need to.

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