October 29, 2009
How to Be Desireless
November 23, 2009

The System

“The System” consists of the realms of education and work and is probably the area in which humanity has been most distanced from its inner truth. Things have been perverted so that the criteria for “getting” work is your controllability.

I put “getting” into inverted commas, by the way, because work is something you shouldn’t need to seek out. There are millions of ways of making a contribution to the world which should be as easy as simply getting started. However, darkworkers like to try and block you from doing so by manipulating the laws and creating financial obstacles. The idea is that you’ll be finally forced to create your contribution underneath someone’s control.

Why? Because darkworkers live, by definition, in a state of fear. When you are separated from Universal Love, you feel your mortality very strongly, and your life becomes a struggle to avoid danger. The forces of darkness are very scared of an uncontrolled populace.

Hence, “education” has become a matter of being controlled. If you want to “get” a job, you need to pass through the hoop of “education”. I don’t believe in any of this bullshit, so I’ll be using a lot of inverted commas in this article.

The idea that education precedes job has become so normal nowadays that no-one questions it. It’s all backwards, though. The natural way is to learn on the job – there is no environment like the actual work itself to teach you how to do your work. I mean, duh. People used to do apprenticeships in complicated jobs where they practised and worked up to being able to take care of the whole deal. In my case, I wrote many articles and stories to practise before getting published in print. I didn’t go to university to study journalism… ack. I did study English language and literature almost to the end of A-level, though, and I regret it (OK, I can live with myself, but I wouldn’t do it again seeing things as I do now).

I teach English to Spanish people and I have never taken a diploma to learn how. I started out charging a low price and dived in, learning on the job. As time has gone by I’ve become more and more comfortable with teaching English.

It’s a fact that if you study how to do something before you do it, you may well forget everything first. In fact, you are more likely to find that the things you learnt were much less useful than actual experience for the sake of doing your job, as being able to recite something by rote isn’t the same as being able to perform a skill or really UNDERSTAND something.

There are some exceptions to this, it’s true, but I believe that the big picture I’m painting is not at all wrong. YES, you learn some things in school and university. But in balance, does it make sense for the time and money you invest? NO. The investment only makes sense seen through the eyes of someone who wants to win over the support of powerful bullies.

Playing their game

It’s not a good exchange, though. If you step onto the track which darkworkers have created for you, you are playing their game. If you want to play their game better than them, the only option is to become a darkworker yourself. If you don’t, you’re simply submitting to their control and allowing them to choose how you live your life, specifically but not limited to how you express your creativity.

Yes, this goes for people who want to “change the system from the inside”, too. I thought I could, and I have other friends who have seen through the illusion and thought they could, but in the end, the conclusion has to be that it’s impossible. Why? Because without darkworking, there wouldn’t be any system – people would not try to control each other, full stop. Trying to change the system is like trying to work out the best way of controlling people. The best way is to not try to control people. This is why I say “if you want to beat them at their own game you have to become a darkworker yourself”. To influence the system, you must become part of the system. They’re not idiots.

If you have a lot of light in you, trying to alter yourself to pass through the system will make you spiritually and even physically sick. Trust me on that one.

Living outside the system

Impossible? Depends what you mean. I agree that it is necessary to play the game a little bit to get by in this world. The extent to which you do so is the extent to which you deal with dark people, as they are the only people who require it. However, seen this way it’s obvious that you should at least try to deal with dark people as little as possible – by learning from love-polarised people, by doing business with love-polarised people, and so on.

Therefore, I don’t think most people should go through the darkworker system of school and university. A degree is intended as a proof of obedience and controllability. Its use, then, is to show a darkworker that you have the necessary masochism to work under him. Perhaps sometimes you will need to pretend to be a masochist to get your way… if you feel that the ends justify the means, that is. Oh, but if you’ve spent years doing meaningless work for darkworker teachers, you might not need to pretend.

If you perceive that all this is insanity, then look for a different way. There is sanity in the world. There is even sanity in insane people, and they will likely treat you with sanity if you vibrate in such a way as to bring it out.

The way is to live like there were no darkness. I don’t mean by acting stupid and ignoring darkness when it’s in front of your eyes. You live like there were no darkness by forgiving it, by letting it go. When you let it go you can focus on creating the life you want. If you don’t, then your focus has been effectively tied to the object of your fear or hatred. It should be obvious that if you only think about such things, you won’t have much space to tap into your creativity.

That’s the secret: darkness exists for those who hold onto it. The world is an incredibly beautiful and joyful place, when you shift into that vibration. It is what you see it as.

So if you experience fear, let it go by acting on the divine impulse of your spirit in spite of your fear: this is called bravery. If you experience hatred, let it go by forgiving. When you fail to act on fear, you’ll find that the horribly limited and cruel world of the system is not all there is. Things will open up. While you’re in the system it seems like there isn’t anything outside the system, but the more you clear yourself of fear the more the world opens up.

You will not be able to avoid being affected by darkworkers 100%, and you will have to play their game to some extent. But if you clear the system from your head, the system in the world isn’t very powerful at all. They can force you into some things, but in the end they cannot touch your soul. That’s what’s important.

This world was made for you to express yourself as a divine being. It must have the resources for that to be possible for you, then. If the world looks like it’s too limited or cruel for you to live your inner truth, then you aren’t seeing everything there is. The blinders of fear and illusion have got to you. Clear the fear, and the illusion goes. You’ll see what you can do.

You are made to love, to sing, to dance, to play, to create, to express and to do everything that springs from your heart. The world was made for you to do all that. If the system presents you with options you don’t like, ask, “What else is there?”

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