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April 29, 2010
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May 13, 2010

The Solution

What’s the solution?

I don’t believe in capitalism, defined as “you work so that you can deserve food, shelter, and other services in return.”

I don’t believe in the standard version of communism, defined as “you are guaranteed work, and guaranteed to be able to deserve food, shelter and other services in return.”

These things are twisted to the core.

Many people will agree with me. Or at least agree that something is wrong. Not many people will agree with what I consider to be the solution.

Not many people agree that it’s a good idea to not punish children or not eat animals, either. Too radical for you? But if there were a simple answer to the great questions of life, it would have to be a radical one. All the vanilla, non offensive solutions have been tried.

I believe the solution is not to require anyone to work at all.

I believe everyone automatically deserves. Anything they desire.

You are pure, unlimited love and light and truth.

Tell me, how can such a thing not deserve?

It’s absurd. And this world is absurd. 🙂 Think about it, billions of radiant stars, beautiful points of light, flaming glory… going to school, getting a job, a wife and two kids, and pretending to be happy… and next door other stars are torturing each other and dying…

Infinite beauty, immortal truth, caught up in a world of struggle!

How does this fit?

My solution to capitalism is for each of us to support each other whenever we have and someone else has not.

Parents do this, and friends sometimes do, too. Yet the pervading culture is, “If you can’t earn the roof over your head, it’s not my problem. Sleep on the streets, but don’t do it where I can see you, please. I’m trying to live the American Dream here.”

We need community. We need shared responsibility. When someone can’t pay their bills, they need to be supported. And when someone hasn’t found a way to contribute fully yet, they need to be supported. If someone chooses not to contribute, they need to be supported.

The threat of poverty motivates, but doesn’t allow us to access our wellspring of creativity. We work to survive… rather than work to truly serve and contribute. When we choose the previous motivation for our efforts our efforts won’t go beyond that – our contribution will be lacklustre at best. When we do not feel threatened by poverty, we are motivated by true joy and enthusiasm.

No, humanity would not degenerate into a lazy apathetic mass without the threat of poverty. It would bloom into glory.

Laziness? Because of your fear that we are useless and only look out for ourselves, you shame your peers into working hard, you threaten your peers into contributing by withdrawing your help if they should go bankrupt. You consider it the government’s and the workplace’s place to provide for them, guaranteeing them a place of constant toil so that they may “deserve” what they need and desire.

You forget that we are brilliant light and love, and brilliant light and love does not need a threat to provide for its peers.

We are all part of this. This is not someone else’s problem. If the government fails, create a local community. If the workplace fails, start a new business. But moreover what we need is to wake up and start treating each other like we want to be treated. And that starts with mutual responsibility.

Not saying “not my problem” if someone in your neighbourhood ends up on the streets. Not considering it your duty to perpetuate a culture – by your shaming attitude or by your simple silent consent – which considers inactivity a crime punishable by social exile.

Love, in other words.

Radical, huh?

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  1. Indi says:

    I came across this old post while online…these are my sentiments exactly. The culture of deserve-ism is out of control.

  2. William Archer says:

    My thoughts exactly, i believe in a world like this we don’t even need money. If we would just all stay in touch with our creative side i’m sure everything would work out. there would be no stealing cause if you want something you ask for it or try and make it. there would be no all buying object like money for them to steal. However i think this would work in for example a community of Indigo adults but todays adults are too ingrained in our current system and would either fight when one guy would not give the other guy a spot bye the lake. I think this is a perfect solution but society is not ready, well at least not all of it.

  3. Rosanne says:

    I have often felt compelled to help those in need, spread the wealth…as it were! I had my own business and felt compelled to provide a proper lifestyle for my employees. It ended up being unappreciated and through greed & theft we all lost everything…..
    I was devastated beyond belief.
    Perhaps it will only work within the Indigo ‘circle of trust’ others just dont seem to understand the concept of purity?
    But I still believe in the solution….

  4. Rosanne says:

    Also, I have always felt a better connection with prior era’s where money did not exist but rather ‘barter or trade’ systems. I have often said that I dont belong in this era. People are too cruel, too evil, too greedy. No one knows the true value of Love and none very sadly will ever experience it.

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