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March 28, 2009
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March 31, 2009

The Role of Energy in Learning

This isn’t something that’s often talked about, but the role of information in learning is actually only about half of the whole. To learn, which is actually a sort of transformation as it causes you to interact with life in a new way thereafter, you need energy as well as information.

Information is the blueprint. It says what you should focus on. It says, “this is what we are looking at.” For instance, you can write a blog talking about learning to juggle.

Energy is the power which is plugged into making the change. In the aforementioned blog, the energy could be communicated by various means – first of all, energy was used to create it. Thousands of people know how to teach someone how to juggle, but if they mumble it to themselves in an empty room, then no transformation occurs. To speak it loud and clear, in a medium where it’ll be heard, is to transmit energy through your intention to create change. Other ways to communicate energy is through the quality of your writing, pictures, the web design, the number of articles you write, and the various other services you offer. Remember, the knowledge of how to juggle already exists; but without energy, no-one would ever learn it. The knowledge would just fizzle out and be forgotten.

This is how people can pay thousands of dollars for a conference. The information is often easy to find. The money represents energy; the value of the energy that is being recieved, and also a commitment to putting an equal amount of energy into getting 100% out of the conference.

Because energy is on both the giving and the receiving side. Your attention is putting energy out into the world at any time – any time you focus you are using energy, but in lesser forms you are energising everything you are even subconsciously aware of in your environment. (This is part of the reason why people mutually energise each other in relationships). Only by being totally unconscious can you avoid spending energy.

In any environment you will have things you are drawn to put your energy on. Usually, the more energy those things put out, the more energy you will put into them. A beautiful lady is more interesting than a paperclip.

If you are in an environment which constantly sends out energy with information you don’t want – energy that attempts to manipulate or coerce to a specific end, for instance – you will find it difficult to transform in ways you do want. To create the life you want, you need to stop putting energy into structures that are discordant with the way you want to live, leave that environment, find structures that you are compatible with and start putting energy into those. For instance, if your school trains you day after day to give your power up to authority then you should leave it. Then you should subscribe to some magazines for entrepreneurs, or go to an anarchist hangout to go meet people who seem more in control of their own destiny. Being in that environment, you’ll put your energy into transforming into someone who lives free. If you read really attently, maybe contributing articles to the magazine, or go and buy a lot of people drinks and get really enthusiastic about the conversation in the bar, you’ll maximize your transformation. You’ll also transform other people in your environment. What I’ve found, especially from writing this website, is that putting energy out and receiving energy has basically the same transformative effect. I explored this first in the article “teaching to learn”.

To be able to successfully create change you need to let go of the past, i.e., forgive. If you continue blaming other people for your situation, for instance, what you are actually doing with your attention and thus energy is perpetuating what you don’t want. By resisting an event or a structure, by refusing to accept that it exists in some part of reality, you refuse to let go of that reality. If you don’t let go of it you’ll never shift your attention to what you do want. Letting go of the past is called “resolving karma” and it’s one of the biggest challenges to living a joyful life.

A lot of people have great ideas to change the world. Well, what the ideas need is energy. Ideas are never unique. Your combination of motivation, energy and ideas is. You are both conception and creation. The result is your effect in the world.

Energy isn’t quite the same as effort, which is often used to mean “stress”. Stress is not needed to create anything meaningful. Energy is – and it can be expressed in enjoyable forms such as enthusiasm and excitement.

Money is actually a sort of energy, but energy’s most basic forms are your attention, your gaze, your voice, and your actions, which are always free and available in the present moment. Energy must be spent only in the sense that you can’t focus on two things at once, but your attention is going out into the world always, until you die, for free; and if you find a motivation which is very true to your heart, you’ll find that your energy increases accordingly. As far as I know there is no real limit. If you are looking to increase your income, remember that money is energy, and that you have a source of infinite energy as close as your very attention. Find out the way of sending that energy out into the world that is truest to you.

Chances are you already know everything you need to know to be happy. What’s left is to discover it dynamically through the application of energy. For me, the greatest lessons in life have been learnt again, and again, and again, each time a little deeper. You probably already know that “happiness comes from inside”, for instance. I promise you, over the years you’ll relearn that lesson a thousand times, and every time you do it’ll be a little truer.

Journalling and talking over your problems with others are great ways of chanelling energy to transform yourself. Do them, and remember you don’t need to make any great discovery. Just express, and see what this catalyses in you.


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