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March 12, 2012
What Is Love?
March 15, 2012

The Purpose Of Sex

I think sex, on one level, was created to bring us closer together, something like the primordial equivalent of talking about the weather.*Sex can cause love to blossom where it wouldn’t have blossomed otherwise, and I think that’s beautiful.

On the flip side, sex brings us closer to someone whether we want it to or not. It’s hard to “untangle” from someone when you have a sexual relationship. This, for me, more than any concept of romance, seems to be a good argument for being picky about who you sleep with.

I think sex is beautiful and spiritual and romantic, and also a physical need. I think there’s no particular duality here.

I think it’s absolutely, incredibly beautiful that we have a physical need to do something that causes us to form bonds and become closer together. I think it’s beautiful that we can help each other out in fulfilling that need. I think it’s wonderful that deep friendship, partnership, love and connection can result from that.

I also think a lot of people put the cart before the horse somehow. Or is that just me?


*You can poke holes in this example all you like, but I happen to like it. Imagine talking about the weather HARD and DEEP until reaching hights of ecstasy and deep loving connection. Or maybe talking about other things. I don’t know. Well, sex is just better at bringing us close than talking is, but it’s kind of the same thing in different degrees. You get what I mean. Don’t you? Yes you do.


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  1. Justin Mazza says:

    Hi Andrew,
    I remember listening to a youtube video from Abraham Hicks and she said something along the lines of “if I were in your physical shoes I would be having sex all the time.” Something like that.

    Safe, clean sex is great. It’s only when someone misuses sex to get something else that they want that causes problems.

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