May 20, 2012
Masculinity, Femininity, Manhood, Womanhood (Video)
June 11, 2012

The Male Period

I talked with a friend the other day who, although he is male, seems to be aware of his male menstrual cycle. Though men don’t have actual periods, apparently every 28 days they have a certain amount of mood alterations comparable to that of women.

It’s interesting that this idea came up for me right now while I’m going through a gender transition from male to female. While I don’t think I need to think about my period to bring out my womanhood fully, it does seem almost inexplicably fascinating to me right now, and I wonder if this discovery was somehow synchronistic for this stage in my path.

I do have occasional mood dips that I really can’t seem to out a proper reason to. Sometimes I put it down to being lonely, or feeling purposeless or not doing enough productive things, which might be somewhat the case sometimes, though I’m not sure if that can be the entire reason if I still haven’t gotten over them entirely. So I am wondering if I can give some sort of more biological reason to them. Perhaps that will help me go easier on myself.

So, me and my friend, who we can call M, are going to do an experiment to verify the concept of the male period. We’re going to do a little diary of our feelings every day for a few months, to see if we can identify a clear 28-day cycle to our moods.

I also have a movie to watch called “The Moon Inside You”, which talks about periods and I think may touch on male periods too. If I learn anything interesting I’ll make an update. Apart from that, look forward to an update with the results of the experiment in a few months.

For those who want to learn more about male periods, here is a google search with some interesting results:

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