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February 16, 2011
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March 4, 2011

The Lightworker Game

I was having an interesting conversation with my friend Tiago the other day. For him, life is played like a game. He was always into games growing up and nowadays he brings that attitude into his real life interactions.

In his business, the “game” is to get as much money as possible. It’s like the high score. However, he’s also interested in being a lightworker and is trying to sort out the inconsistencies between these two goals.

I suggested to him a tip which I’d originally read from Steve Pavlina somewhere on his forums. Steve Pavlina is also a big gamer and likes to use the lens of “life as a game”.

Steve had the same issue as Tiago when he was moving into a more lightwork-oriented lifestyle. He overcame it by finding a new sort of “high score” for life.

Instead of money as the high score, the new high score for the Lightworker Game is the amount of good you’ve done for the world. That could be the number of people you’ve helped and the amount you’ve helped each one. Or perhaps an overall conglomerate of the good vibes you’ve sent out into the ether.

That’s harder to measure than money or Net Worth, but it’s also much more satisfying as a goal.

Measuring Your Lightworker Score

To measure my own high score, I try to look back and identify the moments where I feel that I’ve made a significant impact on someone’s life; really bumped them into a new, more positive path. These moments have been somewhat easy to identify because they were usually accompanied by an expression of gratitude and joy from the recipient (if they were aware of my help).

I’ve got some great “thankyou” comments and emails related to the work I’ve done on my blog to look back on. And then there’s the effective help and advice I’ve given to real life people. The general sense of appreciation I’ve received from friends and acquaintances.

All these add up, and provide a very motivating cloud of good vibes I can use to keep track of my progress.

Growing Your Score In The Lightworker Game

After looking back, I can look forward. How will I get the next hit of good vibes signalling I’ve gained an extra point? Can I learn from the past to optimise my efforts for the future?

Personally my one most popular blog post is “How To Tell If You Are Indigo“. I’ve gotten all sorts of positive reactions from that: people have told me that it’s made them cry, that it’s helped them immensely; one person started a road trip to find themselves after a conversation with me where I forwarded them this article. Real, measureable results.

Looking back at this is great because I can see a great way of replicating these results in future: revamp my blog so that this article is more prominent. I’m also working with an SEO-oriented friend (coincidentally, the same Tiago I mentioned here) to get it to rank higher for its keyphrase. Perhaps I’ll even make “helping indigos” part of my mission statement on this blog, or mention it in my tagline.

My Lightworker Score

So I’m satisfied with my gains in love and light points this quarter. Lots of growth and lots of potential for future growth. Lots of lovely packets of joy and appreciation. I’m so revved up about this! How is your own lightworker score shaping up?

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  1. Hi Andrew! Victor here from Steve Pavlina. I really love this blog post, as I have this same issue of money and lightworking. Thank you very much for the perspective, I think it will help me go farther in achieving my goals and doing good. Keep up the lightwork! 😀

  2. Josef says:

    I have read alot of your post on IA, and have been impressed with your ability to
    communicate your thoughts. I cannot, I cannot put into words what I am truly
    thinking, or seeing, or feeling. I was lucky to find a job which gave me everything I
    needed to be a lightworker. I taught art on all levels , from middle school, to the
    university here. I have found that students who have an abusive, troubled life
    which includes many things…are the most creative, and outspoken in the classes.
    Giving me the opportunity to recognize and provide a more positive outlook.
    I find when I am able to provide, I always go home with a smile, I loved it.
    Now I have this great urge to be an art therapist, without a degree….ha
    and at sometime in my life , I will fulfill this “urge”, even thought about exchanging
    ideas with prisoners, some of those tatooes are amazing. Thanks again for your
    wisdom, solidarity, and hope.

  3. Anne says:

    This is one of the best posts I have ever read. I am competitive by nature, I love gaming, I love money, and I have recently developed an interest and skill in intuitive work. Your Lightworker game combines everything that I love! Thanks again for the excellent read.

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