Poems by indigo children: Dear God… by Graha Ramadhan
February 22, 2010
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March 26, 2010

Poems by Indigo Children: The Journey of The Great Heart Warriors by Graha Ramadhan

The last of the poems I’m going to post of Graha Ramadhan for now, The Journey of the Great Heart Warriors. This is the one that most inspired me, a poem about an indigo child and his journey in finding himself. It’s brilliant.

Graha Ramadhan is an indigo child / adult and is part of the lightworker’s organisation, I-Nesia (Indigo Indonesia).

Poems by Indigo Children: The Journey of the Great Heart Warriors

I heard when my body was crying.
I was weak like a feather.
I was soft like a cotton.
I was a baby.

After I grew up, my body strengthened.
It was getting bigger.
I was stronger and stronger.
and I started to feel the beat.

It was not soft.
It was not strong.
It was mild.
I feel my little feet were treated fairly.
I thought I was in heaven.

After that I came back to the earth.
When sorrow melted with angers.
When evil could laugh so loud.
When the emptiness is everywhere.

I walk through a cold path.
I was alone.
I couldn’t feel any other living forms.
I thought I was dead.

I was desperately seeking for God’s help.
I searched for Him in the midst of darkness.
I felt that my body was all dark.
I couldn’t see my face.
I was crying.
I was lonely.

When I was in despair.
God met me saying I was okay.
He cured all the dark with His Great Power.
The Power of Love of Human Kinds.
and I started to cry.
A happy cry.

I was given a lantern by God.
He gave me that because I am the chosen one.
I asked him the reason I am chosen?
He said, I was special.
and I finally got it.

I finally continued my journey to get out from the endless cracks.
I did not have anything, but God.
I was naked.
I only had Love inside my heart.

After being guided by some lovely fairies, animals, suns, moons and stars.
I found that place.
When the peace can be found.
When God is there.

I tried to talk to God what is this place?
He said, welcome home.
I started to cry.
My brothers and sisters come to me.

They warmed me with their loves.
They are like me.
We are one.
The Great Heart Warriors.

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