Looking Down to Find the Sun
April 8, 2009
Thoughts on the Idea of Success With Ease
April 10, 2009

The Doll

This poem I wrote several years ago – october 2005 if I submitted it to deviantart the same time I wrote it. It came out of me spontaneously after my breakup with my first true love.

I came across a pretty doll, hidden behind all the others

She looked so sad lying there

Not like any other.

I took her home and dressed her up

I hoped to call her lover

My pretty doll with the long brown hair

Not like any other.

Poor little, fickle doll, lying on the shelf

If love is such a great thing, why don’t you love yourself?

Then one day it had to end

I knew it had to anyway

Well, so much for dreams my dear

They had a price to pay

Pure fickle fragile doll crying on the shelf

You never hated anyone

Why do you hate yourself?

Maybe she wasn’t really my little doll

Maybe she was a girl

I woke up from my fantasy

I saw someone was hurt


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