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November 23, 2011
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December 14, 2011

The Burden Of Proof

It’s normal in our world to place the burden of proof on what’s new or different. We don’t trust what we don’t know; we need it to prove itself to us.

But what if we demanded the beliefs we take for granted to take on the burden of proof?

What if we demanded our world view to prove itself? No matter what the world view that is; whether it’s a religious world view, a New Age world view, or a scientifically based world view. Would these things meet the standards we impose on new ideas we are confronted with?

What if you demanded your way of eating to prove itself? What if you examined the reasons you eat as you do, as opposed to any other way, and put your justifications under the same suspicion as if someone was trying to convince you to eat that way?

What if you demanded your life choices to prove themselves? Is school a good choice for you? Is working a job a good choice for you? Does it make sense to take showers, or wear clothes, or say “bless you” when someone sneezes?

Default Insanity

I say all of this because when we come into the world, we tend to take on new opinions and viewpoints with absolutely no judgement whatsoever. We have the same worldview as our society, the same habits as our society, and do the same things as our society. We often walk a path of the “American Dream” or its equivalent, studying, getting a job, getting married and having kids. A lot of people never consciously decide to do that, it’s just what society pushed on us.

From an alien’s standpoint we could look at this blind uptake of old ideas in childhood and deduce that the human race would tend towards becoming utterly insane. Generation after generation of unscrutinised beliefs and habits detach from their origins, mutate, and lose touch with any semblance of reality.

And so it is.

The only solution is to start from the bottom up. Break down every single thing you think you know or you think is good to do and be, and place on it the burden of proof.


You can look to the experience of other human beings to see what alternatives there are out there.

Indeed, a consciously chosen alternative is more likely to be worthwhile than an unconsciously chosen default belief/action/identity. You can also consciously choose the default of your society, but after putting it through the burden of proof you can rest a lot safer.

You may also find that after this the default takes on a new meaning, as you’ve found out the exact whys and hows of that thing. Instead of mechanically going through the motions you can believe/do/be in a much more responsive and empowered way.

Assume your forebears were wrong. Put the burden of proof on anything you took for granted. What’s the best way to live?

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  1. Erdal says:

    If you break down enough, you will shatter your ego. There is no best way to live. We are formless eternal consciousness. You may know the guy who is living by the will of Higher Self: . Your desire to break down beliefs and find the best way to live might be related to yearning for unconditional love. Connecting more with it using meditation/ living from the heart might make you feel good and the need for finding the best way to live might dissolve. Best Regards.

  2. Erdal says:

    There are choices and consequences. We can change our choices if we don’t like our consequences or if we want something different..

  3. Lily says:

    Hahaha! Well, I think I may have already done this:) It’s a bit of a poo actually because although at first it made me feel that I had more clarity of vision, now I feel slightly lost, in the way that words sound like meaningless sounds that people use to communicate with, I am immensely skeptical of everything and require a frustratingly long account of logic to ever accept anything, and even then, nothing is logical! I am now living by the belief that everything people perceive is just a trick on the senses and every emotion is just a chemical imbalance:( So yeah it kinda sucks, I’ve lost all sense of faith and wonder because I let my mind analyze the world, I don’t know how to get it back without feeling like I’m kidding myself and It’s making me depressed so yeah, I want to truly believe in things without logic because it’s horrible to lose it:( Anyway if you know a way of believing in things and finding the true value of life, maybe you could save me from chronic deppression:(

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