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September 9, 2009
Truth-Finding Methods
September 19, 2009

The Adversary

Excuse me if the past posts were all about getting rid of things. Destroying belief systems, challenging the comfortable way you look at your mind, getting you to doubt your sense of reality – I know. I love to strip things down. I’m the sort of person who gets a perverse pleasure out of throwing things out when I’m spring cleaning.

In the next article I’m going to build you up again by getting to some juicy truth-finding methods. However, before that I wanted to go over the issue of the forces that work against you in your efforts to finding truth. It was going to be the introductory section to the following article, but I found I had a lot to say on the matter and didn’t want to cut myself short.

The adversary

You should be aware in the search for truth that you have an enemy. Remember I said that I think you can know absolutely anything you could possibly want to know if you put the dedication into finding the truth for yourself? The reason that most people are stuck in ignorance and illusion is the influence of what I’ll call the forces of darkness. If we are omnipotent, omniscient, and blissfully loving beings (and I think we are), then our limitations come from those which we have imposed on ourself out of “dark” urges. Some people dedicate their lives to bringing ignorance, separation and enfeeblement to the world under a perception that they will get something out of it, or perhaps just a blind addiction to the darkness. On the other hand, even those who work for the cause of Light carry the seed of darkness in them. It’s all about what part of the whole you decide to represent in your part in this great theatre.

Understanding of the play of light vs. dark, I believe, is one of the most important things to look into in your search for truth in this world of lies. (Don’t forget to apply truth-finding protocols to what I’ve just told you, of course). But this understanding can also help you discern other truths. Realise that there are people who want to limit the infinite wellspring of understanding that is at our fingertips and make us stupid so that they can continue to suck our energy. They are powerful, and are not interested in our wellbeing.

The biggest reason there is a trouble with finding the truth in this world is because of the direct intent which goes into making it hard.

This is a very powerful shift in perspective if you integrate it.

Keeping responsibility

There are two ways to deal with this new understanding.


Decide that your life sucks because of the forces of evil now and you’re just as powerless as ever to improve it. (Give away your responsibility out of fear of making changes).


Realise that you have more power now that you know why you have been kept in the dark. Realise that the world has never been as impossible to get to grips with as you were previously led to believe. (Have the courage to keep your responsibility and make a move on making your life better).

Realise that the forces of darkness are powerful, but actually their greatest power is the power which you give them. Why do you give them power? Because the seed of darkness in you leads you to think it’ll be a good choice. You can only be affected by darkness to the extent your harbour darkness in yourself.

If you get angry at them, you’re generally continuing to give your power away. Anger is a stage you have to pass through in the process of waking up, but after that point you have to let it go. If you’re angry, it’s a fact that you still feel like you are vulnerable. By failing to question this sense of vulnerability, you continue to give your power away.

Because the truth is you are not vulnerable. You have the greatest power in the world: the power to choose how you will live your life. Everything else is peanuts.


Or better said, false authority.

Watch out for it.

In this society made up of victims and victimisers, we have a conditioned response to believe in the words of “authority” without question. Anyone who talks like they know what they are doing, if they have few enough morals, will be able to quite quickly create a large group of followers intent on giving up their lifeblood to them.

The forces of darkness arranged this quite purposefully. We already had the tendency to give our power away or it couldn’t have happened, but at about the year 1885 a school system was set up with the very clear intention to train children to be obedient and naive enough to believe whatever they were told to believe.

(Note I don’t think they created this impulse. I think, due to the seed of darkness within all of us, we already had it. However they spent large amounts of energy in cultivating it and bringing it out. This is why, on the one hand, the state of the world is largely the fault of people like this, but on the other hand, the responsibility to reverse this damage is ours alone).

Hence, nowadays, the chances are, if you haven’t spent a lot of energy on questioning your reality, your beliefs have been dictated by the desires of those in power.

This goes for all sources of truth – ESPECIALLY those you think “unbiased”. The news – totally controlled. Science – even more so. Medicine – a capitalist scam which the Nazis would be proud of. Fitness and diet information – owned by industrial interests. Financial wisdom – obfusticated by people who don’t want you to be free. Religions and spirituality – an absolute minefield of false authority with truth hidden in the unlikeliest places.

To learn the truth, you must become your own authority and stop looking for authority in others. That’s not to say you shouldn’t go to others for help in finding the truth – you can only find the truth with help. But it means that the final arbiter of truth is YOU. You weigh up the words of many different sources and then choose what to believe on your own. You keep your responsibility. Responsibility is heavy, but less painful in the long run than being continually drained by the myriad vampires of our society.

I don’t believe I’m being manipulated!


You’re a conspiracy nut!

Believe what you want, but just for fun humour me on this point. IF authority controls your beliefs, then wouldn’t it be easy for them to make you think that everything in this society is OK and that you are not being manipulated? Isn’t that the best thing for them for you to think?

I’ve known conspiracy theorists who really were nuts, and I think the manipulators of society like to keep the image of them like that. On the other hand, I’m a pretty balanced guy (generally…). I don’t go crazy about it. I just realise that if a friend could betray my trust for ten euros, then people who have more power are hardly likely to be much more enlightened in their actions, despite that those actions will have a larger impact. Power makes you more of what you already are.

Wake up and smell the roses dude – we don’t live in a perfect world. To keep a balanced perspective, though, I don’t think we need to be incredibly unhappy about that. We do have the power to live good, enjoyable, loving, abundant lives. Without evil we’d live infinitely better lives. But what does it matter – you’re here, so get working on making the best for yourself. If you let yourself be eternally resentful then you’ll just continue giving away your right to a happy life.

I think the fear of this bitterness is the reason why some people close their eyes to the truth. However, it doesn’t have to be like that.

In conclusion

False authority is another reason to doubt what you believe. Don’t get caught up in resisting them but keep working on finding out what you want to know with the awareness that these people exist.

And don’t worry too much if you start to feel like an alien in this society knowing what you know. You’re not alone.

To learn more about polarity (the play of light and darkness) check out these articles by Steve Pavlina as well as this one by me.

Until next time!

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