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October 1, 2013
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October 13, 2013

Studies On The Brains Of Transsexuals – And Their Consequences For Us

I saw a video recently which helped affirm my understanding of my transsexuality and that of others:

In summary, studies have been done on binary transgender people which shows that their brain is physically exactly the same as the brain of a cis person of their gender.

In case some readers don’t know what “cis” means, and are unsure what “gender” a female-identified trans person has (note: it’s female), I’ll restate this a little:

There is a part of our brain which is different depending on gender. By examining someone’s brain, you can reliably determine their gender. Well, trans people have the brain of their identified gender and not the apparent gender of their body at birth.

While this revelation didn’t exactly surprise me, as my experience is that my brain works precisely like a female brain and not a male one, I found that it did help me see things a little differently.

I can now be a little more sure of myself when I say that internally I am and always have been female. After all, my brain is and always has been female. It’s not something that I “just” feel or think or observe in my own psychology. There is physical evidence for it.

This also makes it even clearer than before that trans people are not the product of some strange trauma in their childhood. Nothing made me trans: I simply always have been.

I was very sure of this even before, by the way, because I have healed traumas in myself, but even so, my transgenderism didn’t change at all. In fact greater self acceptance made my transgenderism more obvious, not less; I no longer buried it or repressed it. Besides that, I feel my internal gender so deeply, on such a fundamental level, that I really don’t think it can change, no matter what horrific traumas happen to me or don’t happen to me. I just don’t think my psyche is THAT malleable. And, now science backs me up on this, too.

I cooked up a thought experiment based on this information which I thought would help you guys understand why I really, really am a woman, not just wanting to be a woman or trying to become a woman.

If you could put a brain in a robot body, and have the brain control the body; and put a computer in a brainless human body, and have the computer control that body…

Which one of these two would be a person?

If you reflect on this, I think the fact that I have a female brain makes it clear that I, my person, is female. Just because my brain is controlling a (now only partially) male body, doesn’t mean I’m male.

My brain is female. And if I am any part of my body, I am my brain. So I am female.



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