This is a page for some ideas I’ve had for social businesses and non-profit organisations intended to help change the world.

You’re totally allowed to steal my ideas; that’s the point. I’m putting these up because I realised that I couldn’t possibly do all the cool things which I’d like to do in my lifetime. But if I inspired someone else to do something like them, my purpose with them would be fulfilled anyway.

I also thought that with some of these ideas, sharing them might help me get support or exchange ideas with people and eventually be better placed to carry them out, or help carry them out, myself.

I have plenty of ideas I haven’t written down yet so check back later for more.


1. Online Businesses

Online businesses are great for solo-entrepreneurs and first-time entrepreneurs because they need very little overhead. As a result of that, you have a lot of freedom to not depend on bosses or outside funding, and have a lot of potential for free expression.

A Content Marketplace That Doesn’t Suck – A great opportunity for a low-overhead online business for someone who cares about making a quality experience for everyone involved.

Porn Done Right – I think there is a major gap in the porn industry for high-consciousness porn.

A Conscious News Site – Coming Soon

Democratising Social Media – Coming Soon


2. Bringing About A Gift Economy

I believe the answer to the issues we have with capitalism is the gift economy – people giving, and receiving freely. The key element is trust. If we can trust each other to support us, then we don’t need to steal or manipulate for our survival, and can focus on value creating.

These ideas will hopefully bring us a little closer to the gift economy. I think small steps are the best things we can do right now – slowly opening people’s eyes to a new way of doing things.

Free Shops – Free shops reduce waste and improve people’s quality of life by encouraging people to share.

Pirate & Donate – A simple service that lets people give back for the creations they’ve downloaded via P2P or other free file sharing options.


3. Veganism & Vegetarianism

I’m passionate about the vegan cause – bringing to light the horrible truth about modern factory farming and getting people to make more compassionate choices with their lifestyle. These are some businesses which could help promote veganism or vegetarianism.

A Vegan Restaurant Investment Portfolio – Veganism is an expanding market. You could provide people with an investment portfolio letting them cash in on their knowledge of this and support the expansion of veganism at the same time.

A Vegan Sushi Restaurant – Just an idea for a smart small restaurant business.

“A Vegan McDonald’s” – A huge idea for changing the world through business.


4. Ecology

A Zero-Waste Supermarket – Read about it in the article “Reuse Not Recycle” – in the subheading also called “Reuse Not Recycle” (Note: someone is now making this happen!)

A Zero-Waste Year – Coming Soon (If I don’t decide this idea is too crap to post here).


5. Other

Food Industry Ideas – Coming Soon

Snowflake Festival – A festival celebrating individuality (hence “snowflake”, a symbol of that). Coming Soon.

Queer People Against Shellfish – A good name for an LGBT rights campaign highlighting the hypocrisy of selectively following prohibitions from the Bible. It could involve people calling themselves Christian – even better real Christians – pretending to get mad at people for eating shellfish (Leviticus 11:10). A good catchphrase: SALMONELLA IS GOD’S JUDGEMENT!!!