I think that vegan restaurants are a very sure investment nowadays. Veganism is growing, and the number of restaurants which cater for vegans is lagging behind the number of vegans in most places. Take the large cities in America for example: veganism has been mainstream for the longest time there, and there are now upwards of 50 or 60 vegan restaurants in New York, Los Angeles, etc. In other parts of the world such as Barcelona, Spain, veganism is catching on, but most vegans complain about the small selection of places to go eat.

I think even in New York and Los Angeles vegan restaurants are a smart idea; veganism is still growing fast and I wouldn’t call the market anywhere near saturated.

The great thing about vegan restaurants is that anyone can eat there. As well as getting die-hard customers from the vegan and vegetarian population of your city, you get people who want to eat healthily sometimes, people who just don’t like meat that much, and of course the friends of vegans and vegetarians. When a group of friends goes out to eat, they need to go to a place where they can all eat, so even just one vegan among them is enough to change where they go.

I think a smart idea would be an investment portfolio in vegan and vegetarian restaurants (or just vegan ones). By buying portfolio shares, people can bet on the success of vegan and vegetarian restaurants as a whole and support the growth of such businesses at the same time. I bet that such shares are undervalued on the market, seeing as most people don’t know what we do about how the vegan restaurant industry is expanding.

Another variation on this theme could be an ethical bank along the lines of Triodos which uses saver’s money to give loans for people looking to start veg*n restaurants (perhaps more practical as most veg*n restaurants are not traded on the public market – and perhaps it’s better that way).

And another variation: a portfolio for investing in vegan businesses in general, including vegan food shops, vegan shoe shops, vegan cosmetic companies, and so on.

For those who are interested, by the way, if I had some money to spare I would definitely invest in Maoz. Their vision is stated to be spreading the vegetarian lifestyle worldwide and to that end they make truly excellent, cheap fast food with a smart business model. When I had a Maoz nearby I was a regular customer, which for me is an important measure of whether I’d feel happy investing in a company.

Update: I heard from a friend that the vegan sector is supposedly the fastest expanding sector in the UK at the moment… though I don’t have a source for this, unfortunately. (Also I’m not sure what constitutes a sector in this case. But other than that the stat sounds both plausible and inspiring).


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