Spiritual House Cleansing

by Sophia Gubb on October 5, 2011

in Spirituality

Living roomSome bad energies had accumulated in our house recently, so yesterday me and Roser had to do a bit of spiritual house cleansing.

There had been some bad happenings in the house over the last month. Some bad vibes between everyone, but I won’t go into the details. It had gotten to the point where everything was physically breaking as a manifestation of this energy. I mean, everything; the fridge, the internet, the water heater, everything. It was getting ridiculous. Pretty clear something was up :)

In my intuition the house felt kind of crowded with energies. There were at least two dense-natured spiritual entities knocking around as far as I could perceive. The feeling wasn’t deadly horrible, but it was uncomfortable and kind of discordant.

I didn’t look up any instructions for the spiritual house cleansing. I just connected to Source, and folllowed my intuition. It worked well; afterwards the house felt palpably different.

For your inspiration I’m going to share what I’ve done. You could copy it if you want, or let it show you a rough idea of what to do.

Spiritual House Cleansing Ritual

First I smudged (cleansed) the house with a stick of palo santo, a very sweet smelling wood that makes a wonderful cleansing incense when burned. (You might be interested in getting some from Amazon here: Palo Santo).

While I was doing this, I slipped into the sort of light trance I experience when I do energy healing work. This isn’t really a trance in the sense of a loss of consciousness, but sort of a letting go which allows a bigger energy to come through me. In my mind’s eye I visualise it as a beam of light, wider than my head, that comes down, through the chakra at the top of my head, and through my body, moving me. I could almost say it moves me like a puppet, except it doesn’t feel separate from my actual essence.

So I let go and let this big “flow” work through me. I get the strong feeling that my spirit guides and other high-vibration aligned beings are guiding my actions. It’s almost like I get told what to do but having it translated directly to action without going through the intermediate step of appearing in my mind.

My body moves in a flowing motion, in this case directing the palo santo wand along with the energy that’s coming through me. I get the sense to move in this way or that, to cleanse this area or that in the house.

I also sing. Most of the time I’m inspired to sing as I do energy work; it’s a wordless long “om” or “ah” like sound, with variations in volume and pitch. The “flow” also guides this.

Periodically I turned inwards and cleansed myself before going back outwards and cleansing the house again. Well, this is all guided.

So I cleansed the house – or helped create an opening for it to be cleansed – using this energy work style.

I also felt drawn to opening the windows of the house. The air was calm and cool, and was wonderfully refreshing. Having the air move let the stagnant energies clear out. This effect was amplified in combination with the energy work. We later left the windows open during the night, and to help this we were gifted with a gentle weather all night.

Fig. 1

Finally I was inspired to draw a symbol to create – I don’t know what the technical term for this would be, but you can see in the picture what the general concept is.

I made the symbol with two sheets of A4 paper which became a nice regular square.

The intention was written in Spanish and Japanese: “Cleansing”. I chose Japanese for the main writing because it has a powerful visual impact and transmitted the vibes that I wanted.

For those who are interested, the symbol can be found online here: Cleanliness in Japanese. I took only the first two symbols, as I saw on another site that they were all that was needed to for the word “cleansing”. So it’s “seiketsu” instead of “seiketsukan” as in the site linked. I don’t know what the last symbol contributes to the meaning.

I placed this in the centre of the floor of the living room, a strategic place as it symbolises the “heart” of the house. (This was also where I was doing most of the energy work).

To transmit and fuel the intention, I placed a white tealight candle in the centre of the square. This had a powerful impact; the light radiates out and gives the sense that the intention is being radiated outwards and is entering the whole house.

We left it there the whole night, and in the morning the house felt totally different. The two spirits were gone, and the air generally lighter and healthier feeling. The house felt less claustrophobic, like more space had come into being without the need for any physical restructuring.

So much better! I also woke up very easily this morning; I wonder if it had something to do with the change, as I normally sleep in quite a lot.

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