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October 8, 2009
October 29, 2009

Soul Truths

Learning and growth is one of the main reasons we are here. No-one can be happy if they are not growing.

Happiness does not come from accumulation of things. Happiness is free and has to do with being mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually healthy while attending to your basic needs and living your purpose in life.

There is enough of everything to go around. It is not necessary for one person to become poor for another person to become rich. It is solely the belief to the contrary which has caused poverty to exist in this world.

We are not simple bodies, because we have consciousness. A robot, no matter how lifelike it is, could never become conscious. We are something more than our bodies. And there is much scientific evidence to conclude that we are in fact immortal souls.

Men would hug each other much more if they weren’t trained to be insensitive.

Most of what people consider “pleasures” are ways of tuning out the annoying voice in their heads that says something is very, very wrong with their life.

Having a healthy lifestyle is more pleasurable than having an unhealthy lifestyle.

No one can get anywhere in life without a mentor (books and blogs included).

Humans are supposed to be incredibly healthy, happy and joyous. The world is made to be unspeakably beautiful. Music, laughter, love, contact and play is our birthright.

You are not alone.

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  1. Poetic Lyric says:

    I don’t know if you can SEE through my words.
    I FEEL you can.
    ALL I can say is LOVE.
    I LOVE what you said.
    I talk a lot about immortality.
    The complete abandonment of the self….to be empty.
    No identification and to SEE everything without any label. Just quietness and silence.
    My bod vibrates. My soul vibrates. My existence vibrates.
    This is ecstasy and I live this moment every day, every instant.
    No matter where I am, who I am with. It is amazing – to SEE so so so many things at the same time.
    I can see those things because I feel empty inside.
    So empty that I can see EVERYTHING so clearly – all the beautiful colours.
    I never see anything negative cuz that’s part of the positive too.
    So it is positive.
    🙂 amazing experience.
    Thank you for sharing this and all your blog.

  2. Erdal says:

    “No-one can be happy if they are not growing.” I think this is the core belief of Steve Pavlina. The one which makes him write thousands of articles. Why can’t we be happy just Being? What is this growth stuff all about? I think it is a belief that causes to give the unconditional Love we are to ourself in a conditional way. It’s not bad, it just causes thousands of articles. 😉 I think we don’t need any condition to be happy. We are already whole and complete. But if somehow we have developed a disconnect with this, we will have also developed our own conditions for happiness. In my opinion this is something to grow out of eventually. Isn’t it ironic that we grow out of the desire for growth? 🙂

  3. Erdal says:

    Btw, I had a version of this belief myself. Maybe I still have some remnants but I feel I am releasing it.

  4. Erdal says:

    Btw, I am also thankful to Steve Pavlina for his thousands of articles. I suffered some from this belief but now when I look back it is what brought me to what I am today. It was a tool for learning.

  5. Poetic Lyric says:

    Yes, Erdal, we are already whole.
    We are happy without a condition. Any other thing is just a luxury which adds to our happiness.
    Isn’t it awesome?

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