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Saving The World

This website, according to its tagline*, is about “Saving The World“. I think it’s about time I make an explanation for that.

*Well, now its previous tagline, but not when this article was written.

Can we really save the world? Does the world need saving? Isn’t it presumptuous to say that it does?

Saving The World

My first answer – I don’t mean “saving the world” so seriously. I like the phrase, because it has an amusing melodramatic tone, and I prefer not to be too serious most of the time. Under the playfulness, it hints at a meaning I’d like to transmit, though.

“Saving the world” is about taking responsibility for your part in what happens to the world. It doesn’t mean that you, personally, need to save it. Quite the opposite: that’s impossible and the arrogance that goes with such an idea is dangerous.

We save the world by doing what we need to do to be a part of the world’s salvation. That’ll be different for each person, as we’re all unique, but if everyone did this then the world would have a very bright future ahead of it.

We can’t make everyone take up this mantle, but we can take it up ourselves. By taking it up ourselves we can inspire others to do the same.

Even if our contribution doesn’t amount to much in the end (but it can and should amount to something), we can at least look back on our life and say it had meaning. We can look at whatever humanity is doing to itself and say we did our best.

Does The World Need Saving?

Now here’s a question: does the world need saving?

Well, I guess that depends on how you want to define “saving the world”.

Bearing in mind that I’m not being too serious with the phrase, here is what I think it means:

Saving the world means helping to end the state of pain and fear on Earth and helping to prevent the Earth from self-destructing.

Helping To End Pain On Earth

So the first thing: Helping to end the state of pain and fear on Earth.

We can “save” the Earth from a state of pain and fear.

Earth is currently in a bad spot. Actually it has been there for a number of millenia. Basically suffering exists; and there exists a lot of it, what with all of the war, descrimination, preventable hunger, and other hurts caused by people not giving a sh*t about each other.

People not giving a sh*t about each other is a state from which the world could be “saved” from.

It’s not like it will die necessarily from all the suffering, but hot damn it would be *nice* not to have it.

In this case save is a misnomer, because people are evolving at their own pace towards love and can’t be forced on that point. We can *help* the world heal and find love. That’s probably a better way of putting it than saying we can save it from its hurt.

Helping To Prevent Earth From Self-Destructing

Now, the second thing I mentioned was: Helping to prevent the Earth from self-destructing.

This is probably more pertinent than the first point. The world very likely could end soon. Not end in a burst of firey doom, but possibly become uninhabitable for both humans and many other life forms.

In a sense this is already happening. We’re already poisoning our environments and making life for ourselves much less pleasant. Some of this damage may never be reversable.

For the other life forms on Earth, this is in many cases much more of a problem. Many life forms have disappeared from Earth. If the Earth is one big being named Gaia, who is made up of many different cells such as humans, plants, and animals, we could say we’re crippling her by killing off her different cells. They may never return to her, even if she can heal over time.

But worse could be to come: global warming could cause a major, negative change on Earth, and even if it doesn’t then the build up of poisons in the air, the loss of trees, the emptying of the oceans, and the demineralisation of the soil we farm on could bring about some major issues.

So it’s not the time to be sleeping here. I’m not a doomsday character, in fact I’d like to think the opposite, but we have a world to look after here. Just as you can kill yourself by smoking, drinking, and eating meat, so the Earth can kill itself through self-destructive behaviours. As a part of humanity, you’ve got to do your part to avert that.

Think of it like this: the Earth’s doctors have given it a diagnosis. It’s sick (with global warming and a few other things) and could die. The Earth has two options: continue doing things as it always has done, or take this as a wakeup call to examine its self-destructive behaviours.

And change them, hopefully.

What It All Comes Down To

You’re a cell in the organism that is the world. You’re not the world, but you do have a part to play. Will you be a cell that remains sick, or a cell that strives to bring about health in those around it? Can you get things moving around here? Can you make this work?

With this blog, the question I want to get you to ask yourself is, “What is my place in the bigger scheme of things?”

Do you have a responsbility for what’s happening to the world, or does it feel okay to dedicate your life to your own desires and let the Earth deal with itself?

What do you think?

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  • Anne June 27, 2011, 1:08 am

    Interesting post. Yes – I believe that the world does need saving. My utopia is a world where each person gives it their all. I think if people lived up to their potential the world would be saved and would be a far different place than what currently exists.

  • Andrew Gubb June 28, 2011, 7:47 am

    Thanks Anne :) I totally agree.

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