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December 4, 2012
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December 7, 2012

Removing Bacn From My Inbox

I just finished unsubscribing from all of the email I didn’t read – the “bacn“, so-called.

Bacn takes its name from a parallel to the word “spam”. Unlike spam, you opted in for bacn, but you still don’t read it.

Gmail has a “priority inbox” which lets you see the important stuff first and then has the bacn afterwards. I used this feature for a long time, but eventually just stopped reading the bacn. It seemed pointless to have it, then, and I also missed a few things which I actually did want to read.

So I spent literally hours unsubscribing from all sorts of newsletters and promotions. I also added a lot of blog subscriptions and similar to a new RSS feed using Google Reader, and stopped receiving them in my mailbox. I’m keeping only Avaaz Daily Briefing and a couple of other things coming into my inbox.

I’m thinking this change will keep my inbox much more uncluttered and make it easier to see what I need to read and reply to. Well, it’s never too late to adopt productivity habits other people consider basic 😉

Image: Tofu bacon. Source


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