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Personal Development Making You Feel Superior To Others

My brain has this annoying tendency to sometimes feel superior to people who show emotional issues. This is because, I guess, I’m into personal development and beating an emotional issue is like “success” and still having an issue is like “failure”.

I don’t think I’ve ever expressed this sentiment in real life (or at least not recently), because when I examine it even a little I know it’s completely out of place. In fact I rather dislike people who do express this sentiment overtly; there’s nothing like an enlightened master descending from his cloud only to tell you how shit you are. But, as much as I dislike it, a tiny, tiny bit of this tendency remains in my head, commenting on the world in a squeaky little voice while I stubbornly ignore it.

Well, I’ve been going into some issues with my therapist recently and it has done wonders to show me just how much I have left to deal with. Perhaps it’s also a result of the healing itself, but I noticed that after that I’ve been more inclined to look at other people’s issues and feel a sense of egalitarian companionship in that, hey, we’ve both got crap to deal with.

I rather like this shift.



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  1. Erdal says:

    Maybe we want to feel superior somehow and when all else seems meaningless, we put personal development there to feel superior about. The desire to feel superior must be a remnant of competitive conditioning in childhood.

  2. Someone else way of self-healing is to take on an optimistic attitude in the direction of life. Numerous of us are prone to cynical thinking, which is the reason why they fail to realize the possibility of a solution to the problem. Taking on a favorable and constructive mindset will provide an individual the strength to deal with the troubles of life and look for a solution to the exact same.

    Mrs. Fraga

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