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March 7, 2017

Choosing The Label “Lesbian” Over Bisexual

I’ve identified with the label bisexual for about six years with different levels of certainty. Sometimes I’ve been very unsure and have strongly entertained the idea that I might be lesbian instead. Sometimes I’ve been relatively comfortable in my identity. I’ve almost always been clear on the fact that I like women more then men, but that wouldn’t necessarily mean I’m not bisexual; bisexual people with preferences either way do exist. Strangely, after my longest […]
February 26, 2017

Non Violent Self Motivation

I’ve written before about my work developing what I call non violent self motivation. I’ve called it “unjobbing” in the past – a parallel to “unschooling” which refers to a non violent form of parenting – but I think this name is clearer and also has the benefit of not requiring you to understand the term “unschooling”. For those who haven’t read about it before, non violent self motivation means ideally never forcing yourself to […]
February 16, 2017

The Power of Soft Habits

It’s crept up on me, but I seem to have become more healthy: I’m usually having a big fruit smoothie for breakfast every morning, I’m usually swimming once a week, and I usually meditate every day. I’m also now trying to add a new habit to the list: one big salad every day. We still have to see if that one sticks, but I’m hopeful. I know for many people this would not be a […]
January 24, 2017

Eliminating Distractions From Facebook

The night before last, I made a radical change to how I use Facebook, removing distracting elements and focusing it entirely on my real-life social life. Making a change like this may not seem like a big deal, but Facebook had been consuming very large quantities of my time, so the way I relate with it as a tool has a big significance to my life as a whole. Some years back I attempted a […]