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Opencon Catalonia 2013

I just emerged from Opencon Catalonia a few days ago*. That was quite an amazing experience, as always.

*Due to a delay in posting this, more like a week.

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The first Opencon in Catalonia was a year ago, and I had an amazing time. It was just the right size for a polyamory convention; about 40 people. Big enough to move a lot of energy about but small enough to still feel intimate.

The location was beautiful, the food and lodgings were good, and most of all the vibe was amazing. Most of the people had flown in, which gave you the feeling that everyone really wanted to be there.

This year was more of the same. Compared the the first Opencon, the convention was more chilled out (at least for me), more intimate, and with more people hugging, kissing and generally hooking up. That last part was rather nice; it felt very respectful and natural, a product of a lack of so many barriers between people.

Note that Opencon has an official stance of not being a cruising event — which it is not. But it is not explicitly not a place for people to hook up either, and when you put a lot of sexy, open people in one place, you get what you get.

Perhaps I am putting too much weight on this. Most of all Opencon was a place where people connected, and that’s what was most awesome for me. We did workshops, though I hardly remember them as workshops per se; they were just the context for us to come together, and the topic of the conversation was almost lost in my memory compared to the great vibe which encompassed everything.

Besides that little groups formed and dissolved naturally over the course of the weekend. With incredible ease I could float in and out of different people’s conversations, whether it was an “official” discussion group or just a little circle that had formed over some coffee or not even that. We talked about anything and everything; very much about polyamory, kink, gender, feminism, and sexuality, but basically about anything at all. That said, “anything at all” means interesting things when you have a group of such conscious, intelligent, and self-questioning people as polyamory attracts.

I found my head buzzing with ideas, so much so that I had to retire to my room several times to write them down or just to think. Actually, many of these ideas didn’t have a direct connection with what I had been talking about with people. They included ideas for my writing or personal development insight, particularly about how I could improve my social intelligence. The latter bit I guess was largely inspired by the experience of interacting with so many relative strangers at once.

The fact that I was thinking about these things wasn’t unusual but the fact that I was so inspired with so many breakthroughs kind of was. I think it was just that buzzing energy which was filling the venue – it stirred you up, and entirely in a good way.

In general I’ve been thinking that conventions with like-minded people are one of my peak experiences. It’s joyful, energising, inspiring, empowering. Truly, of the experiences in life which money can buy, I think a well-chosen convention or festival is one that gives you the most in return for what you pay. After all, life is about people, and about what you can do with people, and yes, the experiences and growth you can have – but most of all through your relationships.

This has got me thinking very seriously about starting a European indigo convention. If you can get 40 people to fly in to a place for polyamory, I just bet you can get that to happen for indigo people. Indigo people are among those who most want and need to meet more of their own kind.

What do you think? If any of you feel strongly that “indigocon” should happen, one of the best ways of making it so would be to tell me.

I would need a team, of course.

Well, I’ll just leave that in the air. Back to the original topic? Opencon Catalonia 2013 was awesome. I can’t wait for Opencon 2014.



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