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July 27, 2011
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September 2, 2011

Note About Absence From Blog

I thought I wouldn’t say anything, but it’s been a month without writing and I feel kind of odd posting anything new without explaining myself. As I’m a heretic to the rules of Blogging and don’t write in predictable patterns, I went on holiday without saying anything, thinking it’d be okay. Now the holiday’s drawing to an end and I just wanted to say, here I am, I haven’t forgotten my readers, I’m still a regular blogger and hope to be for some time yet.

I went to Indonesia, you see. 🙂 It’s been absolutely amazing, a beautiful growth experience, and I’ll write more about it in a long article I’ve been stewing over for some days now. (Promise it’ll be interesting and not a boring personal blog holiday post — you know I’m not like that).

In a moment I’ll post up an article I wrote a few days ago on a sudden inspiration on a tropical island. I just wanted to write this before posting that. It seemed disjointed, somehow.


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