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May 2, 2013
How One Person Can Make A Difference
May 4, 2013

No Longer Insecure As A Transgender Person (Video)

I’ve made a new video about my gender transition. Here I’m talking about becoming less insecure and less worried about how people see me, and developing a sense of unshakable self respect.


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Transsexual Perspective

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  1. Sop says:

    Hey Sophia (nice name u chose btw :P),

    I read some of your articles on Gender/Sex and you brought up some pretty intriguing points,
    with gender being part of an indentity crisis that some individuals have when maturing in their assigned bodies from birth. You are indeed right about gender being more of a socially defined tag rather purely physical.

    Gender is associated with sex, in various ways depending on the culture being observed. Some are imposed, whereas some behaviorial patterns are natural.

    I agree that a person’s physical makeup alone should not define their gender, however I have a somewhat different stance from the one you have taken.

    I do not mean to belittle you or hold any kind of prejudice against you or others like you in any way. I understand that there are a lot of internal conflicts happening within the psyche of someone who not “cissexual”. And I also understand, and have not overlooked, the fact that these conflicts do arise from insecurities about how you think others perceive you or want others to perceive.

    I believe for the most part, that if you wish for others to accept you for who you are…you must first accept who you are. This means, having an acceptance of the fact that you were born with a particular sexual orientation in order to go through life with. If you’re a guy in a girl’s body or vice-versa, and you realize it to the fullest on your own, you should also realized that you were meant to be like that for a reason.

    So why then…would you want to change that? I don’t believe that Nature makes mistakes. I believe that everything Nature does, is deliberate and very significant.

    So that’s something I’ve always wondered and hope for you and others to consider. Another thing, I’d like to mention about is Twin-Spirit people…ever heard of them? You’ll find some interesting similarities if you study them.

    I guess what it really comes down too though, is free-choice to express yourself however you please.
    If it is that you are truly comfortable, with that utmost feeling of having corrected something drastically wrong with your life, then who am I or anyone else to judge? As long as you did it for you and not for anyone else’s approval of you (as person).

    If what you are is a mixture of thoughts/ideals of what you identify yourself with, and you wish to express that on that outside, because that’s what others are going to see (and I don’t think many will be too accepting of such openess). Then that is your choice to make, it is you have have to live with it…for as long as you decide to be alive. The question one needs to really ask is, “will I remain this way for the rest of my life?” or “should I give myself a chance to really understand this body I got with the life I have?”

    You also posted something similar in needing to be sure before you decide to transition.
    But my question is…is it really that necessary?
    If you’re one who believes in reincarnation…why not wait until the next life?
    Why the rush to change your sex in this life?

    Sorry I don’t normally post questions on other people’s blogs
    but I just had to ask…
    Also let me just say that I respect your conviction in your beliefs.
    You should learn to apply that strength of character to more areas in your life.
    Please don’t ever sell yourself short for anyone’s sake.

    Love & Light be with you,

    • Sophia Gubb says:

      “So why then…would you want to change that? I don’t believe that Nature makes mistakes. I believe that everything Nature does, is deliberate and very significant.”

      Well.. why would you get a tattoo? Why would you get surgery for a disease? Why would you live in a house rather than a “natural” cave?

      If nature doesn’t make mistakes, then no one would get sick and need interventions for those illnesses.

      I do it in this life, and not wait for the next life, because my wellbeing in this life matters too. Also, plenty of trans people would commit suicide rather than live the rest of their life as their original sex. It probably wouldn’t be the case for me, but you can see how important this is to us.

      Other than that, it’s pointless to intellectualise. We do it because we feel we must; because we suffer if we don’t, and can be happy if we do. It’s not something you can really reason with.

  2. Sop says:

    When I said Nature, I meant as both the Material & Non-Material (the seen and unseen forces at work).

    There are metaphysical reasons for getting tattoos. At least, that was their original purpose, but it has become known as body-art through ‘westernization’. So as most people today will view it as something purely aesthetic.

    Also, did you know that you can treat a disease without surgery? However, this natural way of treatment by using one’s Life Force energy is not widely practiced, and its methods even kept as closely guarded secrets.
    It is now but a dying tradition.

    I’m not trying to dispute you here, I just want to provide a broader perspective on what I was trying to say.

    You may not have seen it this way before…but getting sick is also a part of nature, it’s not a mistake.
    You know how the saying goes right? “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger”.

    I posed the question, because I am in fact, a little concerned about your well-being. I’ve studied many transition cases before, and there are cases where those who did it regretted it for the rest of their life.
    Trying to physically change your genitilia using these procedures will take a great toll on both your body and your mind, because you are trying to change (not modify) what nature intended.

    If you really think that all of that is going to be worth it, then I wish you all the best.
    As long as you see it as a real need in your life to be fulfilled,
    and you can find true happiness by transitioning, those concerned for you need not worry I guess.

    You asked, why would I build a house, rather than live in a cave. Well not everyone can be lucky enough to have their own cave, so there is a real need to build a house for shelter 😛

    Personally, it pains me to have to see people like you go through all of this to finally accept yourself
    and in my honest opinion, I think you were better off being a guy on the outside. Guys like you are rare…
    if only you can stay as guys.

    But hey, that’s just me speaking my mind, I hope I didn’t offend you in any way.
    I understand your feelings and at the end of the day, it’s your right to do what you want with your body.
    It’s just that there’s this little fear in the back of my mind, whenever I read about people who have made the decision to transition their sex, “What if by doing that…they were passing up an even greater opportunity for fulfillment in this life?” ~yea I’m a hopeless romantic who believes in things like soul-mates, the law of attraction and such.

    I really wish I could have rationlized more with you since I do have a genuine interest in deciphering patterns in these cases, as well as being able to understand more about the psychology involved, even though you’re different than usual, you’re still a human being.

    Anyways, thanks for hearing me out. ;p

    Love & Light be with you,

    • Sophia Gubb says:

      Transgender people mess with those who have philosophies about what gender is. Because the philosophies are just philosophies, and usually don’t have to be challenged by real life. But transgender people are real life proof or disproof of their theories – usually disproof. In these cases the said intellectual should let reality change their theory, rather than trying to force reality to conform to their theory.

      I have thought a LOT about possible regrets. Probably way too much. If anyone is an expert on the idea of trans regrets, it is me. I don’t know if you think I (and other trans people?) are doing this without concern for the consequences. No, I have analysed everything to death, sought outside opinions, read, thought about it more. And now I’m done with that.

      By the way, I don’t think nature was “wrong” with me. Diseases can be viewed as learning or growth experiences, and I view trans-ness in the same way. My transness is not going against nature; it IS nature. It is who I am. I think honouring that is very “natural”. You should see the suffering trans people go through when they try to change who they are. It doesn’t work, and often ends in suicide.

      To be honest, I think you need to read more about transgenderism and talk to more real trans people before you can give your opinions. Not that you’re not entitled to an opinion, it’s just that you’re unlikely to appreciate the vast depth of this matter and the true value transition can have to trans people.

      I probably come off as being short with you. I appreciate your good intentions (otherwise I wouldn’t even reply). But I still think you need a bit of something to bring you back down to Earth, so I’m not censoring myself.


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