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February 1, 2011
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Natural Contraceptive Methods

Natural contraceptive methods: because pills suck.

Me and my girlfriend* decided to do some research and get to the root of the matter. What’s the best method for birth control? How can we enjoy sex without numbing the sensations with latex or doing violence against her body with drugs?

*In case you are wondering I am transsexual; when I originally wrote this article I was still living as a man.

Contraceptive Pills

My girlfriend decided a while ago that she wasn’t interested in taking contraceptive pills anymore.

I feel intuitively that it’s a pretty violent thing to halt a body’s natural cycle using hormones — though I don’t know of any studies on the topic I can quote. I’m sure there are a lot more things that happen than can be seen on the surface when you do something like that. And I’m also sure that the pharmaceutical industry is invested in making sure that people don’t find about these things.

It can suck to use condoms all the time. We wanted to have it all – condom free sex and no contraceptive pills.

The Thermometer Contraceptive Method

So I found out about the thermometer method from a bit of searching about online. It’s very easy and very cheap.

The thermometer method of contraception involves using a thermometer to work out when you (or your girlfriend) are ovulating and therefore when you are fertile. You can have unprotected sex and finish inside for about three weeks of every month, and then during one week you use condoms or some other contraceptive method.

My girlfriend went to the doctor to inquire about her options and the doctor strongly recommended her against the thermometer method. Of course she did – her education was controlled by the pharmaceutical industry, and no-one’s getting rich by selling thermometers.

Through some astute googling, I found out that the rather shaky arguments our doctor gave to us against the thermometer contraceptive method were bunk. Annual failure rates are between 15% and 2%, with 2% being what happens when you use the thermometer method *well* and don’t screw around. Hardly the condemnation to unplanned pregnancy hell our doctor suggested.

For comparison, Wikipedia says the condom method of contraception has a 15% failure rate normally and a 2% failure rate when done perfectly. The contraceptive pill has a 8% failure rate normally and a 0.2% failure rate when done perfectly. Finally contraception by “coitus interruptus” or the pull out method has a 25% failure rate normally and a 3% failure rate when done perfectly.

Benefits Of The Thermometer Contraceptive Method

The benefits of the thermometer contraceptive method:

1. It’s cheap

2. It’s effective

3. The quality of sex is maximum – no discomfort as with condoms or the pull-out method

4. It’s natural.

The Thermometer Method is Natural

I have a friend who knows just by being in touch with her body whenever she is ovulating. I suspect that any girl can learn to know, especially if they use a thermometer to find out to start with.

Most other methods cause problems because they are just not what the human body is made for. On the other hand, knowing when you’re ovulating and avoiding sex on those days is a built in capability.

If sex were only about getting pregnant, women would only get turned on when they were ovulating. But this is just not the case. My conclusion is that we’re made to have sex without necessarily getting pregnant, and that it’s natural for us to avoid pregnancy when not desired.

Natural may not be the definition of healthy but it’s the closest thing there is to one. The further we get from nature, the less healthy and happy we become.

How To Use The Thermometer Contraceptive Method

I don’t intend this post to be about HOW to use the thermometer method of contraception — I mostly just wanted to let you know it existed. Try googling around to get more information on it. To get you off on the right track, I’ll offer you one website which I found useful on the matter.

The Thermometer Contraceptive Method

Another tip I will give is: Avoid people that use fear tactics to try and smudge the reputation of the thermometer method.

There’s a lot of money behind people thinking that they need to buy pills or condoms to control pregnancy. But the facts are the facts: the thermometer method is statistically as effective as condoms, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

(No method is fail safe by the way, so I refuse any responsibility, legal or otherwise, if you happen to have any accidents after using any of the information in this post).

Rue as a Contraceptive Method

Through googling around, I also found out about rue as a contraceptive method. Rue is a herb which smells like a combination of marijuana and coconut, and can be used to bring about abortions.

For this reason it’s illegal in many countries — and possibly for a good reason, as I’m not sure what it’d be like to have a homemade abortion using this herb. In Spain you can’t buy it in herbal stores, but you can buy the plant in plant/flower shops for ornamental reasons.

We have a couple of rue plants in our house which we keep just in case. The idea is to use it if we’re not sure at some point – aborting a 2-day-old fetus isn’t dangerous and is probably not immoral*. I would put some more study in if we were to use it to abort a more developed fetus though, and I will really recommend you do so too.

*Regarding morality: I am of the “spiritual but not religious” school. I remain unsure what I believe about killing a 2-day-old fetus. I hear from some sources that the soul only enters the fetus after the first trimester or so. My other question is whether the soul has made any plans or contracts which we are violently putting to an end by killing the 2-day-old fetus.

I’m not sure about those things, but I do have the sense that a soul won’t come down if it knows it’s not welcome.

The “Spiritual” Contraceptive Method

OK, here comes woo-woo. Avoid this section if you don’t believe in “spiritual” stuff.

I have no statistics for this method XD but I feel that it’s possible to prevent pregnancy by simply telling the soul not to come down.

With my girlfriend, we make it clear that we don’t want a baby right now, and then we do the other methods. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to *only* do the “spiritual” contraceptive method, unless they were very connected with their intution and knew for sure it was going to work.

Our intution tells us strongly that we’re not going to have a child unless we really want one. I could communicate with a potential baby before it came down if I wanted to, and I have a strong feeling that no, it’s not going to come down unless we say we want it. Why would anyone come to a place where they were not wanted?

I think this rule serves for conscious people and not for unconscious people, as unconscious people don’t have a sense that they can really choose, and may communicate with their actions that they are not in control as well. Because of this, they’ll never really get out there and send a clear signal to the Above regarding their choices in this area.

I repeat, depend on this contraceptive method at your peril. At the very least, doing other contraceptive methods will help send a clear message to the Above. If you are being careless in this area, perhaps you are sending an unconscious message that you do want a baby or you don’t care if you have an unplanned pregnancy. The message you send is what will be responded to.

At the very least, give this some serious study before trying as an exclusive method. But you already know that, right?

Natural Contraceptive Methods

So that’s how me and my girlfriend do things. I don’t write this as an attempt at being an authority on natural contraceptive methods — I’d just like to inspire you to make new questions. The pharmaceutical industry has drowned out the voice of alternative info in the West, but if you search you will find. I for one just can’t get enough of that condom-free sex, mmmmm…….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Love ya!

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  1. Just FYI says:

    In addition to the temp chart, your GF should look into checking her cervical mucus. It sounds a little gross, but it’s easy to do and once she gets a sense of her rhythms, the combination of the thermometer and observation of mucus can provide a very good indicator of ovulation.

  2. Sophia Gubb says:

    Thanks for the tip Mr. FYI :p We will look into that.


  3. Fred Tracy says:

    Personally, I think the pill is fine. But then again, I haven’t drank the hippy cool-aid (which I plan to do, so that wasn’t contemptuous!) and really gotten in touch with my body and intuition just yet. Once I do so, maybe I’ll start doing something else.

    My particular problem is I don’t get into relationships, so there’d have to be a way to control everything only on my side. I’ve heard marijuana lowers your sperm count. I could not only have no babies, but also meditate and relax easier. Killing two birds with one stone? lol!

    p.s. never heard of thermometer method, that’s genuinely cool. Hope it works for ya.

  4. Sophia Gubb says:

    Thanks. Yeah the thermometer method is best for long term relationships… you could go for a vasectomy but that rules out babies in future I think.

  5. Julia says:

    Great article!!!

  6. susen says:

    Great Article Sophia I like your honest and sincere writing style
    I have another option on hand which is totally natural and you do not even have to do anything besides measure every morning your BBT. Pretty much the same thing you are doing its just easier to use. I and my boyfriend are using Ladycomp its a device from Europe and I love it. The computer analyzes, learns, and predicts the women cycle with a 99.3% accuracy rate (I am using it as contraception since 4 years….). The computer indicates infertile days and provides insight into the fertile window (which is around 6-9 days only incredible that so many women take every day the pill… ) and it keeps track of your cycle so awesome and so easy to use. Just a little add on …

  7. Angie says:

    Heya !
    Careful about the thermometer method, my aunt got 2 beautiful baby daughters using that method, so it’s not fail proof, you still need to be extra careful…
    About the rue… you need to see in what conditions the “abortions” are provocated : is it painful on the GF ? does it not harm the body if you do it constantly ? will it not create a chemical unbalance in the long run… Aborting pregnancies after a while can really have an impact on the body, it can blur chemical messages…
    – I have personally heard the soul came at the exact moment of conception, when the spermatozoid meets the ova…

    Even though medical treatments and pills are what they are, they have proven efficients though there are little side effects, I have thought about it too, and couldn’t come to any better idea.
    Women have done it for thousands of years though, I am convinced the perfect, natural method remains out there 😉 I might keep on looking and let you know if I find something !

  8. Hi Andrew,

    thanks for the post. 🙂 I am dealing with this problem too at the moment. My body is so sensitive, it does not tolerate any hormonal contraceptive and no foreign object inside my uterus. I even get allergic reactions to condoms. So we too are looking into more natural methods.

    Problem is, my grandma got three kids with the thermometer method and my stepfather’s daughter got two kids with the BBT analyzing computer, so… :S

    As for the spiritual method, well, the problem is when your heart’s desire and your mind conflict! My mind does not want children now, it thinks it would be totally unreasonable. My heart does want babies asap, though. So I don’t trust this method, as I would be telling my guides “I want no baby now” and what I would be actually screaming out is “Yeah, yeah, bring it on!!!”. 😉

    (I have heard that the baby’s soul is around the mother during pregnancy, especially after the first trimester, but not inside the body yet, and that it gets into the body in the moment of birth. I don’t know if it is true, but then again, maybe what’s true for you is what you believe to be true. 🙂 )



    • Sophia Gubb says:

      Rosine: Well I should look well into this! Someone recommended me a book on the thermometer etc method which I thought I should check out. She’s been doing it for 20 years and it’s worked for her. She mentioned that she also checks the cervical mucus so that may be important. If you’re interested the book can be found at .

      Funnily enough I identify with that heart mind clash. I would love to have a baby asap too… but it’s not gonna happen at the moment, sorry kid :p

  9. Hi Andrew! Very interesting to have a guy write about contraceptive. 🙂 I used the pill for many many years and I always did super fine with it. I actually liked it because I was always very irregular with my period and the pill put it on a regular schedule. I have a lot of friends that don’t do so well and that gain a lot of weight with the pill. I also used diaphragm when I nursing my kids and it worked fine.

    In terms of statistics, I can only tell that I only had one friend that got pregnant on the pill but I know way more people that got pregnant with the thermometer method. I have a friend that really doesn’t want to have babies so he uses the thermometer method with his girlfriend and on top of that he uses two condoms and applies additional spermicide. That would work for you guys since you’re trying to get away from the condom.

    In terms of the spiritual method, I’ve never used it but I can see the beauty of it. Although I agree with Rosine that you would have to be very clear, which is extremely hard because we often have conflicting thoughts. Most of these conflicting thoughts and beliefs are at a subsconscious level so it would be a trick one.

    Thanks for sharing this information. Loving blessings!

    • Sophia Gubb says:

      @Andrea It’s funny, I’ve heard lots of stories about people getting pregnant with the thermometer method too, but the statistics are not that big. Perhaps it’s to do with the difference between “normal” and “perfect” usage. 15% or more for normal usage makes children probable within a few years. But 3% for perfect usage sounds fine to me. I just have to read that book and find out what “perfect” usage entails.

      Love and light to you!


  10. butterfly says:

    “Why would anyone come to a place where they were not wanted?”

    To experience contrast, separation and to be able to understand oneness in a different way?

    I feel nervous assuming that only because a kid is not wanted, it would not come. Sadly enough, that way to many kids seem to be born into families that are not joyfully waiting for them.

    What do you think?

  11. Sophia Gubb says:

    Hey butterfly.

    Well, I think this has to do with conflicting desires or manifestations. Or simply the belief (which manifests) that one has no control over whether or not a baby arrives.

    Not wanting a baby but feeling powerless is different, in my view, to tuning into the etheric plane, connecting with any souls that are curious about whether to come down, and making your intentions clear. Coming down is a free will thing, after all, and most spirits will take you into account when you ask politely.


  12. Elsie says:

    Hey Andrew,

    Long time no speak 🙂 often think of you, and I ended up here. I no longer have facebook (but thats another story) but you can check what I’m up to on my blog above ^-^

    I have thought long and hard about various natural contraceptive methods and came to the solution of having a copper coil fitted. Now I understand it is intrusive and not for everyone, and as soon as my first period came with the coil in I had my doubts about keeping it! It was painful at first but with womens superduper pain threshold this wasn’t too much to bare, and has completely died down. I’ve now had it in for 3 months.

    I researched the natural method (thermometer) which is well used by Catholics in England and leaflets can be found about it in Family Planning Clinics in the UK, but it ‘isnt recommended’ by medical practitioners because young people are often not that dedicated to observing their bodies natural rhythms. That and it costs the NHS a fair penny . My reason for not choosing this was not because I don’t observe my natural rhythms but because of its impracticality. If you travel around a lot, and do lots of crazy things then all of these factors effect your rhythm (well they effect mine anyway) Late nights, alcohol and other intoxicants will play their part. This is a method for steady people, so if your girlfriend chooses this, fair play to her!

    The other option I considered were herbal contraceptives. It is a common misconception that herbs have a mild effect, from my practice this is not true. Many herbs that are used for contraception have a hormone like effect, and although are natural, it is still altering the levels of hormone in your body, especially if you are using them over a long period of time. I wasnt comfortable with that (but thats just personal preference) , and would strongly recommend visiting a herbalist with knowledge of herbal contraceptives before she starts taking them. << This was where I started my research, its quite a good overview of the questions you should be asking yourself (but you sound like your along the right lines anyway!)

    She even mentions male contraception, which is ace!

    I hope you find a workable solution. Sending you all my love!


    • Andrew Gubb says:

      Hey Elsie! That’s the second time I’ve seen that site so I’ll pay attention 🙂

      Thanks for the tips. It’s good to see you, it has been a long time. I hope you’re doing well 🙂

      You don’t have an email btw?? 😛

      Lots of love to you too!! 🙂

  13. Meghan says:

    You might also be interested to hear of a society (not sure which) that has a diet that consists of 30% peas. The women there on this diet do not get pregnant, and they’re researching it to see just what it is about peas in this amount that prevents women from getting pregnant. Great article! Never used the pill, never will.

  14. Lucia says:

    Hi Andrew –

    I think you missed what might be one of the best natural contraceptives ever – neem oil. Not only does neem not have the risk that your method has (which I think would never work for me, due to constant irregularities in my temperature, and is also the method promoted by the Catholic church, because “every sperm is sacred” 🙂 ), but it has other benefits, such as kills STD’s I think, and as a spermicide, can be potentially a BC method for the man too. Neem oil seems to be fool-proof, according to studies that have been done.

    Neem oil comes from trees that are common in India. Not surprisingly, neem has been kept a huge secret from the world and has not been developed for the market. No side effects, I think at least as effective as the pill, totally natural…Ok, it has a … smell. Personally, I have smelled a lot worse, even in essential oils.

    You and your gf could try this and let me know how it works – I want to write the instructions, but I’m embarrassed to write it in public lol, so maybe you could email me and I’ll tell you how your gf can try it. You don’t need anything fancy, just to buy the oil and apply it, which I can tell you if you email me.


  15. super scared says:

    I had unprotected intercourse yesterday and I am in a country where I don’t get contraceptive pills. Please tell me what to do? I need to know as soon as possible! Thnx!

  16. Andrew Gubb says:

    Hey, I think I’m late in replying ^^

    You might want to look into using rue. Other than that, I can’t say much for you, sorry. 🙁


  17. Cat says:

    Thanks for the article. Exactly what I’ve been looking for! I feel the same way as you about hormonal contraception – how it must affect women’s bodies and the dominance of drug companies. I’ve been on the contraceptive injection for three years. It was fine and convenient, but I don’t like the idea of using it for any longer. I’ve just had a coil fitted, which isn’t ideal either. However, I plan to keep it for as long as it takes for the injection to get out of my system and my periods to get regular again (I didn’t have any periods with the injection, so there’s no way I could use a natural method whilst it’s still in my system!). Then I hope to make a start on the natural method, i.e. using thermometers, etc. I’m also going to investigate the other things mentioned in this article and comments. Thanks again!

  18. Cat says:

    I’m not Catholic and don’t think the ‘just say no’ approach to sex is right (or effective, when it comes to teaching kids!), but some of this is interesting too:

  19. Kara says:

    Hey just wanted to comment, a book “taking Charge of Your Fertility” fixes any mystery and loopholes about using the “thermometer method” Tony Weschler uses several methods and rules together in her book. I have been using FAM as described in her book since 2002. FAM works very well if you follow the rules to the letter. By the way…medical birth control methods have a fail

  20. Kara says:

    rate as well…sorry (planned) baby just hit send

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