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February 8, 2011
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February 18, 2011

Masturbation As Making Love With Oneself

(The stub of what was going to be a longer article)


A lot of people have a rather wierd way of seeing masturbation. The word seems dirty or embarrassing, and it’s pretty hard to talk about it like it’s a normal thing.

But I think masturbation is not just a normal thing – it’s a wonderful thing. I like to think of it as “making love with oneself”.


Do you make love with yourself? Or do you rub yourself off quickly and furtively, like it were a pleasure you wish you didn’t feel so drawn to?

Do you touch your own body as you masturbate? Do you give yourself foreplay? Or do you just focus and force the orgasm to come as quick as possible?

And what are you thinking as you read this? Does this article seem wierd, offputting, or even a little bit absurd?

Do these thoughts feel congruent to you? Or do you think there is something off about the way you view masturbation?

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