I’m writing a post called “Mark Rangers Scam” because that’s the search term I used to check things earlier and it didn’t bring up any results. Hopefully this won’t appear anywhere on my main blog, but those who need to find it will find it.

“Mark Rangers” was the name of a guy who tried to scam me out of 350€ by pretending to offer me a flat. The idea was I’d send him my deposit in exchange for the keys.

I was a bit too trusting, thought that the incredible price for the flat was just my divine favour, and was going to go forward with it. Luckily I got out at the last moment.

I think the name “Mark Rangers” isn’t interchangable with other fake names because when I asked him he send me a very good passport, quite likely a real one. Either it’s his real identity or he’s found some way of stealing or copying someone else’s passport. It could be photoshopped too I guess, but he didn’t do nearly as good a job when I asked him to send me a scan of the deed showing he owned the flat. I showed the deed to a lawyer friend and he said it was “bullshit”.

Looking on Loquo, I’ve later encountered about 5 other similar scams to do with unrealistically cheap flats. A lot of them seem to be by English speaking people or people claiming to be in Africa, Malaysia or other countries, who just happen to be somewhere else and can only send you the keys in exchange for the deposit. Seeing as I’m looking for the cheapest studio flats and limit my search to the lowest prices, I also get all of these scams appear.

If it’s too good to be true it probably is. Remember skepticism and caution are virtues in their proper balance, and anyone who is NOT performing a scam will be happy to help you work out his legitamacy – the great deal won’t just disappear because of your lack of faith.

Drop me a couple of words if this post was of any help. I hope it will be to someone.