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April 28, 2009
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May 16, 2009

Macrobiotic Soup

This is what I’ve been eating practically every day since I started cooking again. This isn’t so much a recipe as a formula:

You need a GRAIN FOOD. For me that cycles between wholegrain noodles, quinoa, and brown rice.

You cook it with more water than you need, so as to make a soup – a solid one, but a soup. I usually end up with more solid than liquid, but about half and half is a good goal.

The grain usually takes the longest to cook. Add VEGETABLES to the mix so that they all end up cooked at the same time. (The great thing is that you usually have some leeway here, as there are many levels of softness at which you can enjoy different vegetables, so guessing has always worked fine for me. Don’t be perfectionist and you’ll be OK). I add carrots at the same time as I add quinoa, or ten minutes into the cooking of rice. Broccoli a bit later. Other things just about at the point when the rice is al dente.

Try to get a nice mix of colours – carrots with broccoli is my staple combo – for visual stimulation. Don’t underestimate that element.

The third important thing is the STRONG FLAVOUR. What’s a strong flavour? Something with a rich, dark, low note which makes you realise you are god damn eating a MEAL, not a salad. I usually only put in one or two of this sort of ingredient:

(Sprouted) Lentils

(Sprouted) Chickpeas (Sprouting legumes is great as it reduces the cooking time, increases the nutrient value, and makes them much more digestible. They’re also much easier to pick up with chopsticks).

Soy sauce


Preserved black beans (available from good chinese shops)

…Finally, in every soup I make I add some seaweed – I prefer Wakame for this usually. If I make noodles, I add Sea Spaghetti which camouflages itself well in that environment.

Eat in a bowl using chopsticks to pick up the stuff and drinking the soup directly!

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