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March 16, 2009
The Role of Energy in Learning
March 30, 2009

Love is Natural

I believe that as human beings, we are incomplete in ourselves, and that we are designed by nature to love each other. In reality, like the cells in our body are specialised systems designed to work for something bigger, and our organs, made up of specialised cells, couldn’t survive alone either, each human being is a specialised, unique part of something bigger. A single human alone would be meaningless, just as a single skin cell would be meaningless without the rest of the body to serve. With no meaning for its existence, the skin cell would go into hibernation and eventually die. So would the human.

I can argue this from both evolutionary and esoteric viewpoints:

Evolutionarily speaking, the humans that worked together, that is loved each other, survived. Simple as that. I disagree with Darwinism when used to explain people as being naturally selfish. The theory has been used to justify any and every way of thinking, so I’m completely burnt out on evolutionary psychology as a way of understanding people. It’s just mental masturbation to me.

So evolutionarily, to my view, love is health, and greed is madness. Destructive greed is what is veering away from the natural. Some kind of disturbance to the natural flow of things is the only way to explain such a phenomenon.

Esoterically, we are awareness, and in truth there is only one awareness, though it seems to be split. All things are the dream of awareness. Awareness dreamt humans into being so that it could express itself and experience itself through them – it was just another way of doing so; the deepest way yet; the next stage. Love is awareness recognizing itself in what it experiences. Humans love each other because they are moved by this force which wants to express itself and experience itself. Love is the purpose of this dream.
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