This is a page dedicated to links of interest.



Steve Pavlina – You hear his name a lot on this site. He is my single biggest influence. A superlative Personal Development blogger, pretty much without compare in this world. (Except for me of course :P) This blog was directly inspired into existence by his.

Erin Pavlina – An amazing psychic whose well-timed help turned my life around. (She is Steve’s ex-wife, hence the surname).

Channeling Erik – An account of a mother who channeled the spirit of her dead son.

GenderMom – My favourite trans-related blog. It’s hard to describe how good it is; just read it.

Kate “Unrefined” – A friend of mine who runs a food blog.

Peter Huetz – A friend of mine who does readings and healings.

Rei Williams – A very impressive spirit.

Chris Liaguno – An excellent psychic and counsellor.



Avaaz – An excellent online activism platform

EDL – English Disco Lovers, a spoof on the English Defense League

European Initiative For An Unconditional Basic Income – They are collecting signatures. Please sign if you are in the EU and share! I believe an unconditional basic income is one of the most important political goals we can have right now.

The Seasteading Institute – On creating an independent state from which to experiment with alternative forms of governance. A longstanding interest of mine.

Triodos Bank – The ethical bank. Change the world through your choice of who to trust with your savings.



I recommend everyone in the world watch these two videos:

How One Man Defeated The KKK – a stunning account of how love and non-violence conquered hate. At only 4 minutes long, you have no excuse not to watch.

Lana Wachowski’s speech as she recieved the HRC visibility award – This makes me cry every time I watch it. Lana’s recounted experiences are so honest, so raw. She talks about being trans, but also about being true to yourself, about making sacrifices for your community, and other things. Nothing I can say can do it justice; I beseech you, just watch it. (Skip to about minute 5 for the good stuff, the intro is stupid).

Besides those two I recommend watching Feminist Frequency for the most down-to-earth, accurate, and relatable explanation of feminism I think I have ever heard.


Trans Articles

A few articles on trans experiences blow me out of the water.

First, two which serve to highlight the inequality in the way people treat different genders:

Transitioning From A Fat Woman To A Fat Man – Really drives home how much women are pressured to be thin, while the appearance of men is not considered to be important.

Male Scientist Writes Of Life As Female Scientist – Sexism in academia: “After he underwent a sex change nine years ago at the age of 42, Barres recalled, another scientist who was unaware of it was heard to say, “Ben Barres gave a great seminar today, but then his work is much better than his sister’s.””

Now, just a story which I think is amazing on so many levels:

How My Korean Mother Gave Me The Courage To Transition

Finally, what I think is the absolute best explanation of how to deal with privilege I’ve ever read: Managing Privilege. Granted, it’s not specifically about trans people, but it resonated so deeply with what I’ve experienced since transitioning. In my opinion absolutely everyone should read this piece.


My Stupid Black Bean Website

Black Beans – a content site which I made on the subject of a certain type of legume. I wrote it purely because I hoped to make some money out of it; its existence makes me feel like a bit of a slut. (I still tried to make it high quality, or as high quality as a frantically-written site about beans can get). Link to it if you want to do me a favour.