Misc. Facebook Updates For February 2013
February 18, 2013
Productivity Related Facebook Updates For February 2013
February 18, 2013

LGBT Related Updates For February 2013

January 15

Transgender Inconsistency

I’m consistent with my use of gender pronouns or suffixes for myself.

What I still get wrong sometimes when I’m not thinking about it is whether sleeping with a woman is considered “heterosexual” or “homosexual” for me.

My subsconscious mind still attaches some level of guilt and shame to being with a man, and not with being with a woman. And the word “homosexual” still has that subconscious guilt to it. So I guess that’s why I get that one mixed up.


February 2

Twin Studies On Homosexual And Transgender People

Twin studies on homosexual and transgender people: it turns out that identical twins, who share DNA, are both gay if one of them is gay approximately 30% of the time. That is, 30% of identical twin pairs who have at least one gay twin are both gay.

There are less transgender identical twins to study, but it seems that 7 out of 17 documented identical twin couples who had one transgender twin were both transgender.

This info comes to me through an inexcusably homophobic site, but seeing as I don’t draw the same conclusions as they do, I can still use the information.

If you want to review it, see here.


February 4

They Are People

When you have a gay or lesbian friend, you realise, they aren’t a gay, or a lesbian, they are people. Their sexuality is only really a small aspect of that, just like a predilection to cars or hamburgers is just a small aspect of anyone’s personhood. You like cars, I like dicks XD Same thing really. Same no-thing.”

February 11

Men Can Take Care Of Kids

From a conversation I just had.”… Men can take care of kids.

If men couldn’t do what a woman generally does, there would be no gay men.

I think it’s some kind of Universal rule that nothing – no personal quality – is exclusive to anyone. We make boxes, but nature doesn’t. Everything that is in a human, can be found in every human.

I think maybe that is part of the reason that I (as a trans person) exist. To show that, or to maintain the rule.”
February 11

Thinking Clearly For The First Time

Having recently dealt with all of my “stuff”, fears and so on, regarding my gender identity, it’s a strange experience now to be thinking clearly about my gender, somehow for the first time. It’s like I can finally weigh up the facts without all that panic seeping in and clouding everything.


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