March 5, 2009
Why is the Sky Blue?
March 13, 2009

Jonathan Livingstone Seagull

Johnathan Livingstone Seagull entered into my life mysteriously. I don’t know where it came from. It was a battered old copy, and in the inside of the front cover there was a dedication to a person I didn’t know, marked Amsterdam, 1990. It seems like the book had traveled a lot to get to me. Now, a couple of weeks ago my copy  disappeared from Barcelona University under just as mysterious circumstances, and started on its adventures again. I’m happy for it 🙂

When I first read Johnathan Livingstone Seagull, I just thought it was a wonderful story, and the beauty of it is that anyone, regardless of the way they view the universe, can see it that way. It gets esoteric, but it totally lacks the heaviness of spiritual-type books which used to put me off.

There is a quote on the cover which goes “With this book Jonathan gives me two things. He gives me Flight. He Keeps me Young. For both I am eternally grateful.” I just want to let you know that Johnathan Livingstone Seagull is not anywhere near as heavy as that sentence 🙂 It’s a light book, literally and in spirit. Reading it you feel free.

You won’t exactly “learn” anything from this allegory, but I think it will help anyone expand into an energy of joy and empowerment which they might then be inspired to take into their everyday lives. They could remember the part of themselves that says, “If you only follow your own heart rather than the mandates of the herd, you can find… everything.” It’s a story so it doesn’t matter if you believe in spirituality or not. I didn’t, and I was on the path of forgetting that part of myself even more, when Johnathan Livingstone Seagull came along to remind me of that longing for something infinite and inexplicable. Whether you come to the same conclusion as me about that sense of longing is for you to decide 🙂

Nowadays I would give this book to anyone who I thought might be looking for something different to the standard life. Johnathan Livingstone Seagull is a beautiful invitation to living free and discovering what it really means to be human.

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